DVDFab Beta - What is the correct way to record in generic splitting the



Hey guys,

I guess until they work out the bug that messes up the avi file if it goes over 1GB, what is the correct process to split the movie into 2 or 3 parts without loosing video quality?

I want to be able to back / save to the Hard Drive, and want the bitrate no less then 900

So please explain step by step on how one would do this, only asking to make sure its done the right way.


Hi Wizzard005,

Does the output drive is formatted as FAT/FAT32 or NTFS? If it’s NTFS, DVDFab can create .avi file which is less than 4GB.

Best Regards,


its NTFS, however anything over 1GB is messed up meaning the movie gets cut 50% into it and the audio doesnt re synk up if you fast forward…