DVDFab Video Preview

I am running on Vista RTM and can’t view the video preview in the platinum version. I have not been able to see it in past versions either, but I chalked that up to running it on Vista without the software being written for it.

So any ideas how to get the video preview window not to be black?

FYI Also the 3.0.5 still is not Aero Glass compatible for me. Not a problem I can’t deal with. Just an FYI.


The only time preview won’t work for me is if I have the decrypt boxes unchecked in “Protection” in Common Settings. I have the “automatic” options for preview turned OFF.

EDIT: Was there a DirectX version issue with preview? Sorry, not enough uncommitted brain cells left to remember when. Maybe someone else will.

I checked both recommended settings and the all the protection and the Automatic where checked.