DVDFAB Split Error

I have a problem in splitting a DVD. Towards the end of the splitting process, an error message appears (I include a screenshot).

I first tried directly from the disc, then I copid the disc to the hard drive and tried again. Same error. It is a Led Zeppelin DVD (the 1st disc in the set split without any problems, it is the 2nd disc).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum of CDFreaks; splitting the movie into two Single Layer Disc some time is not recommended if I were you I would burn the disc into Double Layer disc if you want one to one quality otherwise just try to burn the main portion of the movie into single disc with minimum compression.

DoctorJellybean, in that “read first” about error codes at the top of the forum, it says error 204 is “IFOFileMissing”. I see you are burning from a folder. Are you sure all the files are there?

All the files are there.

I first tried it directly from the disc, and received the same error. I then used DVDDecrypter to copy the full disc to the hard drive. I tried the split option again from the folder on the hard drive, same error. I then used the Full Disc option in DVDFAB, no problem there.

Just as an experiment, I tried the split option in the freeware application DVDFab by Joerg Plenert, and that seemed to have done it without a problem.

Hi DoctorJellybean,

Do you mean this disc: http://www.amazon.com/Led-Zeppelin-Dick-Carruthers/dp/B00008PX8P

Is’t the same region/country with yours? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Yes, that’s the disc. It’s a 2 disc set, the 1st disc produced no errors when splitting, it’s the second disc.

It’s a UK release, therefore Region 2.

Hi DoctorJellybean,
From the way you worded it in your second statement, you copied the disc to your hard drive in full disc mode and burned it in split disc mode…Try to copy it to the HDD using
the split disc mode and than burn Disc 1, than Disc 2 to disc using full disc mode.