DVDFab Beta only is coping chapter 1 - 14 out of 25. what am i doing wrong?

Hey all,

I set it to make a backup to disc, however its only coping 1 - 14 out of 25 chapters.

Is this beta just set up like this to limit what you can do?

If so thats great and I will order the full version, however i just want to make sure its 100% working before i dish out 50 bucks…

Someone fill me in please

I copied 3 movies, all of them seem to be cut in half…

I would try final.

hi, Wizzard005

There are not any limit in beta version.

Which work is your using in DVDFab, “Mainmovie” , “Customize” or “Generic” … ?

Did you select any chapter range in “Advance Title settings” ? if you select the chapter range, DVDFab will only copy the these chapters.

Please try


I am useing Generic to make the movie and in the advance settings it selected chapters 1 - 25 but only 1 - 14 record so only about 50min of the movie record… Some thing happens in the current version.