DVDFab Beta

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DVDFab products Beta is out (12/07/2006):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

DVDFab Gold Beta:

DVDFab Decrypter Beta:

What’s New: Beta (12/07/2006)

  • New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on “Attack Force” (US).
  • New: Added support for ISO Image output.
  • New: Added “Write Data” to burn existing DVD Folder/ISO Image to DVD writer, or convert DVD Folder to ISO Image.
  • New: Added chapter range selection for “DVD to Mobile”.
  • New: Preview will only show the selected chapter range.
  • New: Added display for current preview chapter.
  • New: Updated language files.
  • New: Updated VSO burning engine.
  • Fix: Layer break is not set correctly in certain cases.
  • Fix: “Cannot open file” error when burning ISO files on FAT/FAT32 drive.
  • Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD from hard disk folder.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

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Thanks Fengtao. Great list of new features.

Thanks Fengtao

Great job !! nice new features, I think you have one of the best products out for doing backups and the support you give to your customers is unmatched.

Thanks again

Stress Test Read and decrypted “Attack Force” , wrote it to ISO,
read ISO with DVD Shrink, extracted two chapters and wrote to VOB
on HDD, read VOB with, wrote to generic AVI with pass thru audio profile, played with WMP. All perfect except for possible slight audio sync issue. Hard to tell on this movie–not much dialogue, all gunshots and explosions. :bigsmile:

Excellent… :bow:

Can’t wait to try it out, thanks Fengtao!

Thanks, time to purchase the Gold version :clap:

Clone Feature in doesn’t allow destination to be anything other than Recorder Drive selecting .Iso output creates Task 1 error, previously you could create a .iso using clone and selecting an output directory instead of a recorder drive. This new version does now support this ability but makes it a little harder to achieve. Unless clone is repaired the .iso output requires 2 tasks decrypt the files to Hard Drive then create .iso where as before it was only 1 task.

Thanks Fengtao…

Too cool! Molto grazie :slight_smile:

Thanks Fengtao.

The audio sync problem is on the original also. Think this was a poorly made DVD.

HA! I noticed that Seagal’s voice was dubbed in spots. I bet Sony is glad that
put the A-1 protection on this pig. :wink:

I suspect they were test marketing a new protection, so put it on a dvd they expected would have little circulation.

This must be a bug in Clone mode. Wrote from “Main Movie” to ISO with no problem. Haven’t tried Full Disc.

Question: What’s the difference between Clone and Write Data? Both say they do 1:1 bit to bit copies for dual layer DVD’s.

I redownloaded the file, uninstalled the Beta reinstalled now Clone is working but showing extremely long completion estimate, after running for 00:16:45 DVDFab showed message Task 1 failed! Error = 102. Even though the error was displayed I have a fully working .iso file. To help diagnose the error the DVD in question is The Sentinel 16x9 (US) ifo files in attachment.

sentinel.zip (67.6 KB)

I tried to split a DVD to iso on the hard drive, but it failed. I did end up with the disc 1 and disc 2 folder on my desktop. That is a problem because it was supposed to go to a folder called d:\dvdfab, the destination I had set up in preferences. Also, the temp folder is d: emp.

Fengtao, you’re a star - thanks very much! :bow:

Good question. No mouse-over text for the Source/Target icons. The “folder” target icon disappears when you click on Write Data, leaving only the new bubble that brings up the Choose ISO…box. Write Data also erases the source drive and title analysis. ? Time to experiment…

Many thanks, Fengtao!

I emailed you the bup and ifo files for miami vice. has protection. will not burn.