DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (11/23/2006):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab Decrypter

What’s New:
* New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on a special version of “Little Man” (R1).
Note: It’s clear that there are two versions of “Little Man” (R1) with different protections: one is already supported, and we add support for the new one.
* New: Improved Sony ARccOS support.
* New: You can set exact write speed in “Settings” window now. If media doesn’t support the write speed, a pop up window will ask you which speed to use.
* New: Added display for real-time burning speed.
* New: Added confirmation when output need single layer media, but user insert double layer media.
* New: Added check when output need double layer media, but user insert single layer media.
* New: Added AutoPlay handler. Optionally, you can start DVDFab Platinum/Gold/Decrypter when DVD inserted.
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: Error 400 when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: A crash problem when opening DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: Nero Burning ROM error “Invalid - parameter”.
* Fix: Burning freeze problem when source and target drive is same, and Nero Burning ROM is used as burning engine.
* Fix: A/V sync problem in certain cases for “DVD to Mobile”.
* Fix: Several minor problems.

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Once again - a fantastic product made even better by your consistant and constant efforts. Keep up the good work - love the product and the new features!! Someone out there does listen!! :bow:

Thanks very much Fengtao for all your hard work. I have just upgraded to the new version ( but I am still not able to copy this dvd(Little Man). I am also having the same problem with “Shadowboxer”. Please see below the error log from the failed process while burning “Little Man”.

[B]21:43:07: Analyzing of DVD started
21:44:00: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
21:44:00: Copy process started
22:02:20: Task_1 failed! Error=400(15 3 VTS_02_3.VOB 570169344 528384)
22:02:21: Process failed![/B]


Just curious. It seems that despite all the new improvements and fixes, the size of DVDFab Platinum 3040 has decreased to 5.42 MB in comparison with previous versions, i.e. vs 3030 with 5.45 MB and vs 3039 beta with 5.46 MB.

I tried it here - worked fine, but crashes as soon as I begin processing anything…

? works fine here. Three rips; one to DVD, two to HDD, all perfect. :slight_smile:

I haven’t actually done any ripping yet with 3040… What I’m doing is going through my DVD9 collection of pre-ripped stuff and converting to DVD5 and burning. Try this for me and see what happens: Rip the audio & ts folders to your hard drive (from a DVD9 disc), then try doing a DVD9 to DVD5 conversion with 3040 and see what happens.

With 3040, is crashes right after selecting the folder where it starts the processing. With 3039, it goes right through.

I guess I’ll stick with 3039 for the time being until a point release is made to 3040 to fix whatever’s broken with it on (apparently) some machines.

Dear Fengtao,

Problem with version At end of main movie option I get the copy process completed successfully message followed by the error while reading message. I chose ‘ignore all’ and it asks for blank media. It then completes successfully. Playback is fine. Happened on the first 2 movies. :doh:

When I rip to the hard drive using any of the options in, it works fine, then when I try to open the folder on the HD to burn it, it crashes.

Sounds like a firmware problem? Are you useing nero, and does it open in dvdshrink?

I also noticed the change in file size from 1.81 MB to 1.73 MB - Tighter code perhaps?

I also noticed that now Resident Evil: Apocalypse is able to copy - was this a correction in this release or did the IFO file finally make it “somewhere”

BIG BIG issue with that needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP, otherwise the program is almost useless for ANY DVD to Mobile conversion or anything else in that matter.
If you select as Source Target and try to open a VALID DVD-Video folder from your HD, then CRASH occurs almost right away during analyzing process.
SAME action executed with works flawlessly and perfectly. Just as a final note, IFO’s/VOB’s have been ripped with and OPEN without any problem when using ANY video software except DVDFab…
So I just want to join my test with those posted earlier by Seng and strachan.


miroku, the program will not open the folder the dvd was ripped to. It does tell me there there is a problem and an email notification box pops up. I have sent the summary to fentago. It has nothing to do with the burning engine or the drives, the folders will not open to try to burn. The folders that are ripped burn fine in Nero, CloneDVD2, and DiscJuggler.

Same problem. Crash soon as I select folder and click ‘OK’. Tried different partitions and folders containing files that I have already ripped previously.
I installed update over 3030, should I have delete 3030 first?

Same thing here. Crashes while “Reading DVD Folder” than reads it over and over after crash report is sent. The files in the folder play fine with WinDVD, and Shrink reads (and plays) them fine also. Same symptoms with files ripped by 3040 and older ones ripped about 2 betas ago. :confused:

PS to previous posting.
I deleted 3040 and reinstalled it…same problem.
I now have reinstalled 3030 until this bug is sorted out.


It seems that everyone and myself as a problem with :sad:
I was up all night making backups with had had no issues or problem even did DaVinci Code nice and clean, and when I read what everyone was having a problem with I checked on it and CRASH :frowning: .
It seems that the program works fine as long as you copy right from a disc to a disc but not from the HD :doh: .
Oh well back to I go

Continuing bug in 3040.
When I try to change the sound file *.wav the window does not recognise any 8.wav files and doesn’t show them, but if I enter the name of a file that I know is there Gold3 will use that sound file.
In one folder I had other sound file formats, the drop down window whiich has the default .wav in it the list a lot of jibberish (unrecognisable characters).

This bug is also in 3030

Hey Fengtao, you forgot to change the update date on your site. It says dvdfab came out on 10/23/06. It was released on 11/23/2006. 10/23 was for Perfect! - Get an error when opening any DVD Folder on Hard Drive that was previously ripped with DVDFabDecrypter.