DVDFab is out

Dear all,

DVDFab products is out (10/30/2006):

DVDFab Platinum/Gold

DVDFab Decrypter

What’s New:
* New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on “Monster House” (US).
* New: Updated language files.
* Fix: Error 400 when copying DVD in certain cases.
* Fix: CSS decryption problem when the region of drive/media is mismatched in certain cases.
* Fix: “Reading Error” at end of “Clone” in certain cases.
* Fix: Content lost when copying “Stay Alive” (US).
* Fix: Several minor problems.

Best Regards,

already…wow…was just reading about the beta one…thanks much for the info

Hi fengtao for the new beta.

I remind you that I reported you the request to add the new language strings (to localize it) about

Analysing / Reading / Copying message in log windows
Tsk time (elapsed / remaining) in task messages.

I checked aso that the installer (both for DvdFab Platinum / decrypter) has two windows which contain english messages also if I selected Italian as italian language for inmstallation.

The message is

“Additional Icons” (“Icone aggiuntive” in italian)
“Create a desktop icon” (“Crea icona programma sul desktop” in Italian)

“Launch DvdFab Decrypter” (“Avvia DvdFab Decrypter” in Italian)

If can be usefull I can upload the screen captures about it.

Tried the download for newest Decrypter First time, it showed download times of 3 hours…the next time it would not load and shows trying to contact a host that didn’t come up as dvdidle website. Something wonky?

Took about half an hour for me. Maybe their server’s having a bad day. :Z

Talk about Déjà Vu…OMG it’s like dial-up… :eek:

The server must be getting hammered. Every time I go to download, the page times out with “Cannot find server” :doh:

I continue at the blistering speed of about 1.46 KB/sec… :stuck_out_tongue: …jeepers, only an hour and 18 minutes to go… :bigsmile:

Ohhhh!..wait a second. Now it’s at 1.57 KB…I’m gettin’ dizzy

LOL! :bigsmile:

Think I’ll wait til things pick up a bit :iagree:

Edit: OK, managed to get the download to start: 912 bytes per second, woooooooo! :eek:

Me too! :eek:

Who needs broadband anyway :bigsmile: (1.44 KB/sec now)

Not to sure if there are problems in America, but just downloaded it in a matter of seconds (15:00hrs UK Time)

Me too in seconds (23:44hrs Singapore Time)

Same here must be a problem with the server. I even have an accelerator.

I am getting the exact same speed and I have a T-1 connection.

Well, my 10 Mbit cable did absolutely nothing for me with this :sad:…although I got the update in the end, yay! :smiley:

Strange, all the other updates have been lightning fast. Oh, and I’m in the UK too, Alan’s in the US…so I don’t think it was a problem solely for Americans. :slight_smile:

Well 6 miles down the road from you in Benfleet it’s a nogo. It would be quicker for me to drive to you , burn it on a CD and drive back.

took about a half hour out here in California

I just got done installing. I am going to burn a disc now, let you all know the results, MII 3 won’t be out till tomorrow here so I guess I will have to wait on that one, BJs has it for sale tomorrow for 14.99USD. I am going to buy it as soon as they open

Actually MI3 came out today in the US, was for sale early last night at Walmart for some odd reason…Easy burn no new encryption on it.