Dvdfab issues

I’ve been having a dvdfab issue that happens regardless of which title I am working with(older title newer title, regardless of encryption type). This all began after I went from version to I am using Recode to fit to standard dvd. Now, with I never had to run the title through anything other software just DVD FAB & Rcode and that’s it. When I began to use Nero would act like there was still some sort of macrovision left on the title and I would get the out of memory error and can’t continue.(after vob blanker it wouldn’t even recognize the title) Well along comes and the problem seems to be fixed. Well today installed and the whole out of memory error is back. Here’s where it gets funky. I did a title with last night and everything went great. Now after the out of memory error this morning I uninstalled & went back to and the out of memory error is back. Firmware is up to date. Nero is current, Good media, RAM was never an issue before? I’ve hung around here and been able to just use the search function & found everything just fine.
This one has me baffled! Any help would be great!

Just try to give FixVTS a try. To be honest with you and just telling the truth, I’ve seen so many “badly and poorly” authored DVD backups from DVDFab 3.0.x.x. It was even an issue with version 2.9.x.x. There’s something to do related with reassigning/reallocation of LBA pointers, VID/CID’s, VM commands and so on… Sometimes it may be fine and some other times, too bad. I’ve fixed many DVD backups of my own in using PGCEdit/FixVTS combo or IFOEdit in the past, but it seems now that even these very well-known “combos” are getting messed up when dealing with DVDFab IFO/VOB’s files. So, what else can I say (no licking)?..

As I’m concerned, I think that main problems come from the fact that DVDFab v3. has been introduced and launched with too many new features and functions at the same one time. It would have been much better to add these, one at a time and “iron out” what needs to be fixed. Just take a look at how so many people still rely on v2.9.8.3 (and I agree by the way).


I appreciate the help. I give fix vts a try. Here’s another thing, after all of this started I thought that I would give ANY DVD a try. I’m having the same issues with it. It’s like something has gotten into the machine and corrupted something that I have spent the last two weeks trying to get figured out. Now if I reload EUREKA everything works. This is just getting incredibly frustrating!

FixVTS will not help you if AnyDVD is giving you problems also. Please consider uninstalling and reinstalling the V 3, program. Make sure that AnyDVD is not running, exit out of the program. V3 operates completely different than V2. You could also run a spyware program and a reg cleaner just to be sure.

I’ve ran both a spyware program as well as a reg cleaner on top of uninstalling and re-installing v3, seizes every time. Is there something that I could have missed? (corrupt download maybe?) Are there any other conflicts with the new version that I might be missing? I only use nero, blew out sonic, any dvd gone including any reg entries that I find. Thanks for the time Im just at a loss.

I am here to help you and I will try to figure this out. Try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if its a corrupt download. Run the reg cleaner inbetween.

Ok reg cleaner & new install done. Nothings changed.

Bummer…that usually works, but when it has failed, this has worked for me in the past.
Uninstall > reg cleaner > as above.
I then uninstalled the optical drives in device manager - both off dvd/cd-rom and IDE controller, then, just to be sure, I physically unplugged the drives.
Power down > reboot > power down again > replug the drives and let xp reinstall. Fresh download and reinstall.

I still haven’t figured out exactly what happened…maybe aspi driver(s) corrupted ???.. :confused:

Anyway, good luck…I hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice already been down that road. I load back up and everything’s fine and dandy. Is extreme profanity allowed here?!?!?

Extreme???..probably not…but then, I’m sure we can read your thoughts… :bigsmile:

Seriously, sorry for your torment.

Only other thing that comes to mind…in addition to above…is a system restore to prior to fab 3, then try fab v. You’ve probably considered or actually done this also, and frankly, I wouldn’t expect much, but it may be worth a shot…who knows?

Tried it. Here’s one more thing. When Iloaded it on a second system v3. it rebooted came up and worked perfectly. Now on the last install on the system in question, (after reg cleaner, ect. ect.) the software never asked for a re-boot. Is there something not getting installed?

Yeah, I’ve never had it not ask for a reboot to finish the install. Not sure about this at all, but my first guess is the Patin-couffin driver. You can check this in device manager under “vso devices”.

I just went back and re-read your original post. You had problems on reading sooo…sorry about that, vso is the burn engine. Anyway, if I get any brainstorms, I’ll let you know.

I would also run defrag and check HD for errors. Also download a memory tester as either can cause problems.


I have run internal memory & hardware checks and everything looks fine. Here’s the thing, I just did “click” on Flawless Copy. (Page file never over 370meg) won’t touch it. I can still use the older version, It’s just become a qwest to get the newer version to work!

Hi pipxterra,

Could you please try new beta to see the result?


You can keep both v2 and v3 on same PC without problem.

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Fengtao: Every thing looks good! THANKS! Only one title didn’t work of the past several I’ve tried in my library with that was “Finding Neverland” macros memory issue? Everything else looks GREAT! You’re the man!

Hi pipxterra,

I’m glad to hear DVDFab works for you now :slight_smile:

For “Finding Neverlan”, could you please tell me in detail about “macros memory issue”?

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After I copy it to the hard drive and "Shrink"with nero recode the title acts as if it still has some sort of macros protection on it at approx 49% i get the out of memory error and can’t continue. I grabbed that title out of my stack of dvd’s when I was trying to figure out what my original issue was. This morning on Revenge Of The Sith, I received a message that “I couldn’t to a full copy just a main movie only” after closing out the software and re-inserting the disc I didn’t get the error message again and it copied it to the drive fine just when I went to re-code an entire disc the audio wasn’t complete. (no vocal audio at all) Now worked fine. My issues with the older titles seem to be exclusive to v3.X.X.X, which seems to handle the newer stuff very well.
PS; the software still during re-install never asks for a re-boot. Is this an issue

Ignore audio issue. I’d give you the reason but I don’t wand to seem like too much of a newb