DVDFab Beta

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DVDFab products Beta is out (10/18/2006):

DVDFab Platinum Beta:

DVDFab Gold Beta:

DVDFab Decrypter Beta:

What’s New: Beta (10/18/2006)

  • Change: Added detail info for error 400.
  • Fix: Crash problem on Windows 98 SE.
  • Fix: MP4 a/v sync problem in certain cases.
  • Fix: Several crash problems in certain cases.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.
  • New: Updated language files.

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Dear all,

If you still get error 400 with latest beta, please post the screenshot here, thanks.

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I still get the Error 400 :
region: 2
language: Czech
DVDFab Decrypter : v3.0.2.8 Beta (even the older)
screenshot attached.

I will try this version, because I’m having crash problems with older version including version beta

Hi, I had a problem burning 13th Warrior with platinum 3026. nero burned with no problem. I tried platinum 3028 and it worked a treat. Good upgrade, thanks

I am having some problem with ‘Click’ its starts reading perfect but stops in middle.
Any help will be appreciated.

I am having some problem with ‘Click’ its starts reading perfect but stops in middle.
Any help will be appreciated.

Which drive are you using?

I/O magic never had any problem with any movie b4 first time.

Downloaded newest version and tried my #1 problem movie again The Producers- in clone mode. When asked to put in media (used same drive a source & target) it would not acess file where movie was, or copy- :sad: will try to post log here- received same msg with & forwarded to FengTao but know he is busy. Any ideas would be great- seem to get same proble with 3 MGM dvd’s I have.
Any ideas would be great :flower:

Did you check the common settings to see what the Dir is for temp files & Dir to store files.


Thanks for the quick response sorry it tooK awhile for me to respond- I was just attempting to “clone” another movie using same as above, no changes, same drive as source & target and double layer and all worked well. All I am able to seemingly utilize is on the above screen- this is an update and when clicked on I only get this sreen although in set up after download I only recall language request. I think the program may not like the Zero Mostel & Gene Wilder version- had no problem “cloning” the newest Producers with Nathan Lane. Will try another dvd right now & see if it seems to behave - will get back to you asap. IF it doesn’t behave- I’ll need direction on finding & correcting the common settings you suggested.

Thanks again

Well…another dvd just cloned perfectly. Any ideas??? See post #9 above for problem dvd.
Thanks again

I know it doesnt say that this is fixed in this version, but I thought I would mention that this is still a problem in this version, using the Full Disc mode.

“Still getting DVD Shrink “Invalid Data” error in certain cases. 2.9.x.x does not have this problem.”

same here with the dvd shrink invalid data errors, when doing full disc mode only, as main movie works fine??

I still get the Error 400 :
movie : Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil
region: 2
language: English
DVDFab Gold : v3.0.2.8 Beta
screenshot attached.

See my post above.

I’ve just tried the same movie, Midnight In The Garden of Good And Evil, but instead of reading the DVD in my F drive,

Sony DVD Rom DDU 1622

which produced Error 400, I tried reading it in my G drive,


and it worked fine. I got a fully playable DVD copy.

I have got 1 dvd-rom and 1 dvd-rw. Both are philips made with their last firmwares.
At the past, I had no any problem about 1:1 single layer dvd copy.
After using your last version program ( I started to have problem.
Yesterday I used the clone section to take another copy from my old clone. The dvd film is approx. 4 Gb (1 -dvd5).

           "The clone job was started (reading).End of the reading task (1/2), the program did not pass the write section. And it gave to me "reading error  fault" And same message as aboves, "abort-retry-ignore"...

I quit from the dvdfab. And tried this time with nero dvd copy. The job has finished without any problem. I checked the media for any stratch. There were no any problem…

I like dvdfab soft. very much. I want to my best program back without any issues


Hi Bay,

I have done about 8 CLONE copies. I have had the same problem as you on 2 discs. I then used the FULL DISC option and it copied no problems. A small bug perhaps? :confused:


I’ll check Clone issue asap.

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