DVDFab is cool but!

:o i just got dvdfab and it don’t do what i need it to do.
with dvdfab i could open as many instance as dvdfab
as i like, and decrypte all at the same time. with dvdfab
i can not! is there a way i could redownloa
d dvdfab or is there a way i could do the same with dvdfab

Hi Nitti 1 and welcome to cdfreaks,

Fab v.2.XXX is no longer available. Platinum 3 can do it all…more than previously. Did you perchance download dvdfabdecrypter (freeware) v.

If you had platinum v.2.XXX, Fengtao will give you a free upgrade and regkey (you’ll need a new one) to platinum 3. For express and gold owners, a free upgrade to gold 3.

If you were not a previous owner, you can trial (free) either platinum or gold for 30 days