DVDFab 2016 Halloween Promo: No Tricks but Gorgeous Treats

DVDFab rolls out its 2016 Halloween Gorgeous Treats for the most horrified season of the year:

* 25% off the DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime plus $20 Amazon Gift Card

* Save 30% to Get the Wanted Hot-selling Bundles

DVDFab Copy Suite (lifetime) $104.3 $149
DVDFab Ripper Suite (lifetime) $104.3 $149
DVD Copy + DVD Ripper (lifetime) $87.43 $124.9
Blu-ray Copy + Blu-ray Ripper (lifetime) $125.3 $179

* Just $50 to Switch the OS for Unexpired Licenses

During this sale, anyone can switch your unexpired licenses (Passkey, Media Player, PC Backup and iFoneRestore excluded),
whatever subscription, from Win to Mac with only $50, and vice versa.

For the detailed terms and conditions of the DVDFab 2016 Halloween Gorgeous Treats,
Please visit www.dvdfab.cn/promotion.htm

From today, till Nov.7.