DVDFab: 2 same audios (and ST): which ones to choose?

I would to backup (using “main movie mode”) my DVD movie: Bone Collector, and get French and English audio, French and English subtitle.
In the step to select audios and subtitle:

  1. I don’t know which English audio to select: there are 2 same audio items: English AC-3/5.1.
  2. I don’t know which French subtitle to select: there are 2 same subtitle items: French.

    So, which ones to choose :rolleyes:, which ones are the right ones?
    Screen shot:

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What region is your movie? My R1 disc shows differently.
This is the movie with Denzel Washington you’re talking about isn’t it?

Use the Preview window controls to play the main movie. The audio track that is highlighted in the DVDFab window (AC-3/5.1 French in your capture) will be played. Listen to the other audio streams by highlighting them. I suspect that the 2nd French “Sous-titre” is a director’s commentary or something similar, you can also select them in Preview by highlighting (or right-click if you are using full-screen preview mode).

My DVD movie region is 2 (a “2” inside a globe !!). Yes, Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Look at the attached back picture.

Thank you signals,
I’ll check as you explained.
Usually, in the Extension column it’s written a comment for extra audio/ST, like “director comment”. I guess this information is missing in my DVD.

For this DVD movie “PROOF” (A. Hokins, G. Paltrow, J. Gyllenhaal, …) there are 3 French subtitle !!!

Merci. Bien à vous. :wink:

IF POSSIBLE: How to get square corners in the DVDFab Windows UI?

As for the subtitles, you can view them with DVDSubEdit and decide which is the one you want. You’ll also want to check which subtitles have forced subs embedded into the regular subs. If you’re still not sure, keep them all. They take up very little space and it won’t affect the picture quality.

Why do ypou want square corners???