DVDFab Beta is out

Dear all,

DVDFab Beta3 is out (08/15/2006).

DVDFab Platinum Beta3:

DVDFab Express Beta3:

DVDFab Gold Beta3:

DVDFab Decrypter Beta5:

What’s New (08/15/2006):

  • New: Improved “Sony ARccOS protection” detection and removal engine.
  • New: Added support for a new protection (DVD Edge-9 ?) as found on “Osvobozeni” (R2).
  • Fix: A corrupt data problem when copying “Inside Man” (US), which causes DVD Shrink error when opening.
  • New: Updated VSO burning engine.
  • Change: Update language files.

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Thanks for the update, much appreciated. :iagree:

Thanks as always fengtao!

I just tried downloading DVDFab Express and Decrypter Beta 2 but after the initial install, it’s actually DVDFab Express and Decrypter Beta not Beta 2. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi dmp31,

Please download beta3 to see the result. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Fengtao, somebody said in the thread “edge 9 protection” that this movie has got a protection called core x2.


I don’t know if it’s Edge9 or CORE X2, anyway, DVDFab supports it without problem.

BTW, the Provider ID of IFO is GEORGE-X-2, as forum member blutach said, he is the author of Edge9.

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DVD Shrink still has a problem with Inside Man. It reported an out of memory error when trying to shrink and failed. I used DVDFab Decrypter Beta 4 to decrypt the disc.

Also, when using the same version to decrypt V for Vendetta DVD Fab says it has completed but it only reads in about 700Mb’s. Tried DVD Decrypter and it worked perfectly.

Looks like there are still some bugs to be worked out.


Inside Man - This is the same problem I had using DVDFAB Beta 3 and DVD Shrink. I ran the task manager and watch the preforance tab during the procees. It just kept climing until untill it exceeded my computers capabilities and crashed with the same error

Yes, I know there is problem with Inside Man when you use DVDFab Decrypter and DVD Shrink, and I have ordered the disc for testing.

What about V for Vendetta? Is this a known problem where it only Decrypts about 700Mb and says it has completed but actually has not completed?

FYI, I burned the Decrypted Inside Man onto a DVD DL disc and that worked perfectlty.

I did inside man, R1, with earlier version of fab, probably 2981, and then used shrink. No problem.

When is 2985 going to stop being in beta phase and come out as the final? It has been in beta stage for some time now.

I agree, it has been anticipated but maybe FengTao wants to make it perfect and that takes time, I also would love to see a final release but I want it to work in all aspects of the program.

I am just curious - why would Fentango be working on a Beta at the same time as a newer verson 3 beta?? Would seem like resources would be better spent perfecting the version 3!

A reasonable question. Just a guess here, but remember Fengtao has a few products out there…platinum owners will have auto upgrade to Fab 3, but I think gold or express users will have to pay an upgrade fee, just as if they upgraded to platinum. It’s not fair to those who decline to upgrade…I don’t believe Fengtao would yank support like some other companies do.
Just my own guess on this.

Also Tom, I believe it gives him more feedback to use to make 3.0 more stable. I am sure he is not just wasting time because there are as you have stated many Express and Gold users that will not want to upgrade. Also he gives a couple of programs away for free, and I bet he gets a lot of quality information from those users.


maineman, just to clarify your statement, this was from Fengtao in the Platinum 3 Beta thread,

DVDFab 3 is near to release, and DVDFab Gold/Express users will also get their free upgrade.

Free or not My DVD Fab Gold and Express Platnium work great. I will not be upgrading until I see that his program can at least recognize my drives.

I am still waiting for another 760 owner to jump in, wonder if its got something to do with you having more drives installed than some retailers have in stock.