DVDFab Beta is out

Dear all,

DVDFab Final is out (08/02/2006).

DVDFab Platinum

DVDFab Express

DVDFab Gold

DVDFab Decrypter

What’s New (08/02/2006):

  • New: Added support for a new Sony ARccOS protection as found on
    “Ultraviolet” (R2, Greek) and “When a Stranger Calls” (R2, Greek).
  • New: Updated VSO burning engine.
  • New: VSO burning engine now supports Windows Vista 64bits.
  • Fix: A crash problem when analyzing some Sony ARccOS protected DVDs.
  • Fix: A corrupt data problem, which causes DVD Shrink error when opening.
  • Fix: Several minor problems.

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Thanks again fengtao!

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Good version. Continue!!
Fab Gold problem Wesley Snipes The Detonator Sony Region 2 VTS_13_1.vob size 529mb.
V2.9.8.2 beta3 OK!
8.2 b3 neglects all 13 and 14 files.
I think(?) the problem posters seeing more bits and bytes info on PC than DVD-Player is solved.
Extra dir this disc: JACKET_P size 78kb, 4 x MP2 files different size. Purpose?

JACKET_P folder contains still image, and DVD player can display it when user press Pause button.

I just tried to download [B]Dvdfab Decrypter version,[/B] from both this forum and from your dvdidle website. However, when i run the program, it says it is still version
Is there some problem with the downloads??

Have you restarted your computer like ask the installer? (strange fengtao, really needed?)

Small Little,
I uninstalled ver 2981, and then installed the allleged new version 2982. When i opened newly installed program, it was still 2981.
I see no need to restart my computer. Have never had to before.
Did you in fact install version 2982?
Remember, I am talking about Fab [B]Decrypter[/B] here.

yes i know.

I installed it and at the end of the installer ask me to restart…(strange for dvdfab decrypter, a rest of dvdfab?)

Was anyone successful in installing dvdfab decrypter 2982??

I installed it just fine.

Ok, it put me too, i will talk of it to fengtao…

Ok, reload it, it’s ok.

Little problem with “Les Bronzés 3” French movie

This is the original IFO files



Hi bitonio6,

It’s a RipGuard protected DVD, and it should be supported without problem.

Could you please tell us the problem in detail? Thanks.

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Rip with DVDFab Decrypter is okay, but DVDShrink don’t work with the result!

Hi bitonio6,

Please try Beta2 to see the result:


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