Dvdfab strange prob

i was running this just fine for many copies then all of a sudden it wont finalize a dvd i am backing up…the disk turns out fine though

ok this is the strange part

this pc has been isolated from the internet and it had minimal software on it

but anyway i formatted the HD and installed ONLY win xp and dvdfab and kept it off the net. and guess what??? it did the same problem

the burner is an HP and is quite new…maybe only 20 burns on it so far

the media is tdk and the same batch was working fine on my 2 other computers

if i remember correctly dvdfab worked fine when burning “movie only” but episodal dvds are the prob…

ok im stumped

the prob with trying to fix crap like this is you need to burn something to test it…i may have a few dvds later today to burn so i hope i have some possible fixes to try out …one thing i may try is swapping burners and see how it goes but i would appreciate any other thoughts from this fine community

i know i can install nero recode but i would like to see if i can get this working again…i like more than one choice when burning and dvdfab is alright by me (when its working)

Use latest DVDFab.

BTW gold/platinum/decrypter or which DVDFab?

platinum in gold mode and express…same prob

Versions that old might attempt to send stats to VSO, there may be a place in the settings to disable that. You are somewhat behind in updation as beta out now. V3 has a commplete workover.


i disabled that

i am going to try and set it to sao writing and see what happens later

Hi Capitol,

I had a similar problem but only with -R media. It would take 13 minutes to finalize. Playback was OK. I changed to SAO and it fixed the problem. I was confused for a long time because +R media was ok. Strange! :clap:

well i guess i will find out later if it works or not…i will try an episodal and a movie dvd…funny how it went bad without me changing anything

ok i installled the version and it STILL had the same prob…had to change it to sao burning…(funny my other pcs dont need this setting)
but when i played the disc the “play all feature” for the episodes just put me at the last episode…i dont know if thats a fluke or not…i may try the nero engine on packet writing to see what happens…