DVDFab Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab is out (5/12/2006).

DVDFab Platinum

DVDFab Express

DVDFab Gold

What’s New:
-New: Updated VSO burning engine.
-Fix: “Trial version VSO” pop up window when burning DVD in certain cases.

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Good to see another update coming out, as I was having trouble with Fengtao, when will the beta be over with testing and the final be out.


Hi camper913,

What’s your problem with version

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Freezing and skipping, also would like to try out the new burning engine in

Thanks for asking, and keep up the good work.

Freezing and skipping could be the result of bad media or burning speed is too fast, As I’m not really sure in your case though. Both and have worked flawlessly for me.

Last week when I had 2 of 6 copies with minor freezing an skipping it was easy to pin down.
I had purchased 100 DVD-R 8X disk because that was all that was on the shelf. When I got home and opened them up the package contained DVD+R 16X. A case of miss-packaging ?
Anyway I burned the first 6 at 16X with the above results. Slowed to 12X and re-burned all 6.
Perfect burns. It seems that speed was the culprit. Have now used 78 of the 100 with no further problems.

hello everyone - sorry if I’m doing this wrong, I’ve posted replies before but never an actual new thread/new question - and can’t seem to figure out how to do it (sorry). The problem I’m having is dvdfab express v2.9.7.8 — it freezes while ‘copying’ and, when it makes it to ‘writing’, it freezes there too. I used the before this one (and multiple other versions) without having this problem. I uninstalled regular v2.9.7.8 and re-installed the beta version and it’s doing it there too. Any ideas???

oh, also - I’m using the slowest speed and verbatim discs that have given me no problems in the past.

Again, sorry if I didn’t post it right! Have a great weekend everyone!! :bigsmile:

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thanks bigmacnc, will do!