DVDFab and beta: freezing during burn process



The problem I’m having is dvdfab express v2.9.7.8 — it freezes while ‘burning’ and, if or when it makes it to ‘writing’, it freezes there too. I used the beta before this one to back up dvds with zero problems. I uninstalled regular v2.9.7.8 and re-installed the beta version and it’s doing it there now as well.

also - I’m using the slowest speed and verbatim discs (verbatim verified w/ dvd identifier) that have given me no problems in the past. also, i’m offline and have my antivirus program disabled when i’m burning a disc.

I feel like I’m going insane trying to figure this out - does anyone have any ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone!!


It is CRAP,nothing is wrong with our computer,it is the software that they release to the public,my older version was working perfect,ruining my disc,i know what i am doing i have been burning movies for a very long time,with multiple kind of software,i don’t want nobody to put no stupid link telling me where to go to find soultion either,they need to develope a more robust and reliable software.


I have dvd platinum,i check the settings and the dl was check,so i uncheck it and was able to burn a disc in dvd fab gold, I went to dvd fab express and was able to burn a disc sucessfully,before the update i was able to burn a disc in dvd fab express,even if the dl in dvd fab gold was checked,I will continue to test and see how reliable this software is.


Your settings in DVDFab Gold shouldn’t make any difference what you have for settings in DVDFab Express, as they’re two totally different applications.


Let us face it: the burning engine is the weak point of Fab. There are always ideas what to do and what not to do but those who want to avoid coasters and waisted time and frustration had better always copy to HD first and burn with a decent burn or authoring application after testing the HD contents period


Heard of too many issues with…whether actually an issue with vso engine(release notes indicate it was updated), am staying with,which I have had perfect burns in Express with Taiyo Yuden meda. Fengtao and vso rep have seemed to be quite absent from forum recently - hopefully working on what appears to be an issue with latest version. Quite a few versions back a similar issue occurred for many users with the burn engine, but was finally rectified.


hey im with you MANGOE i have been asking for help since 05-18-06 by way of e-mail’s and post in here and no one has given me a true way of why i keep getting BURNING ENGINE dot found after reinstalled DVDFAB EXPRESS i had no problems till i down loaded the new version i had this happen before and it was fixed but dont know ??? any way’s let’s hope it will be soon it is a good program when all the BUG’S or going :sad: :confused:


I have been using Platinum without any problems, but I have a computer dedicated to burning. Since Platinum contains Express and Gold modes, I guess changing setup on 1 initially could effect the other one because when run first install or reinstalling I only have to put the key in Express and Gold is activated also. I have not seen fengtao or portmac around lately, but did get a reply from a PM that I sent to fengtao about progress on Platinum 3.0 and he assured me that I will be satisfied with the new features. I have noticed several products have had some problems lately, but have not been as active since I had to spend a night in the hospital. Even the gurus who use several products have had some problems. Some of those features will be incorpated in Fab 3.0 per fengtao. There are many products that run VSO.



bigmacnc: Sorry to hear you were in the hospital – best wishes!