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DVDFab all products are updated to version


What’s New:
-New: Updated VSO burning engine.
-Fix: Program freezes when finalizing if firewall blocks DVDFab.
-Fix: Option “Check for new version” cannot be disabled. (DVDFab Platinum)
-Fix: Several minor problems.
-Update: Language files.

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Juste a little problem when you install the programme, windows say, DVDDecrypter are not shure, not like the old DVDDecrypter?!

Can you do something?


Those are two totally different programs, by two different programmers. DVDFab Decrypter is always updated, DVD Decrypter is no longer updated as there’s no support for it.


Hi Fengtao

I really appreciated for all your hardwor by updating and supporting your customer unlike other compatative company e.t … Just let you known one thing… I had just reinstall my Windows XP becaused the last DVDFab Decrypter problems that I had email you in personally and in public, but there was not any solution for that problem so I decided to reinstall the Windows XP and it solved the problems… Get DVD Inforamtion error 4090 ??? (don’t remember the error message number anynore).


John T


Sorry i’m have writted little to fast… I was talking about DVDFab Decrypter



Based on above posts, sounds like there may be some bugs in latest version.
Noticed that this one, did not go thru usual Beta testing.
I think I’ll wait before downloading this version!!
But, thanks for trying.



I don’t understand the language above, but it seems to be the normal warning of Windows, user just need click “Run” to install DVDFab Decrypter.

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Did 11 burns today using DVDFAB
Perfect burns-- no problems.
I of course have not had time to view all of them fully but have spot checked all of them.

I also do not understand the problem stated above. The window pop up clearly shows that it is DVDFAB software and not the obsolete DVD Decrypter


But, i have never seen this before with all you old versions of DVDFab Decrypter, , is only because you have noted no information about the version, the origin, etc…


Just installed , no probs whatsoever , no warnings … install went super smooth …


You mean other than the fact that legitimate keys are still failing to register the program which started since

Before you say it works fine for me, it did for me too until I had to reinstall a fresh system and reinstalled it. I wouldn’t call that perfectly smooth, so perhaps since you are not seeing the reg errors, you don’t see other errors that might come up with various configurations.

Just something to consider before everyone jumps to dismiss other people’s issues and concerns.


Can you please be more specific and detailed as to what kind of problems you are having.
Also. do not understand reference to “legitimate keys.” Is that a reference to your serial number??


read this, I don’t have time to explain myself to someone who can’t do anything about it:



You would probably get better results if you contact fengtao by email or PM. Also Element 5 is payment processor and keys are sent from them, so you may want to contact them. I would also suggest that when you get your key that you store it several places. I don’t have email set up on the computer that I use Fab, so I store it in a gmail account that I can access to C&P because the is no way I could get it correct by typing the extremely long key. I hope you can get it resolved also remember fengtao is in China so there is big time difference.



Good luck getting more help here with your attitude. Just IMHO. [B]666[/B] !!!


is anyone else having dvdfab express pause between reading and writing saying there’s “trial version VSO” and you have to click ok before it will continue to the writing part of the burn??? It’s not causing any problems with the final result but it is incredibly annoying b/c i have to keep coming back to the computer to see if I need to ‘click’ yet - one of my favorite features with dvdfab express is you click the start button and can go elsewhere and return with the finished dvd that is nicely (sp? sorry) popped out for me.

on a seperate note: jamoskeag3 I completely agree with you!


on a seperate note: jamoskeag3 I completely agree with you!

Yeah thanks for the ingenious responses :bow:


Dear all,

The “trial version VSO” pop up window is a problem in latest VSO burning engine. VSO has reproduce the problem and will fix it soon, please wait.

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Hi daemian,

Please try new beta version to see the result:


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Hi Fengtao,

I’ve just seen a bug with DVDfab Gold with an arccos movie (Black Dawn, with Steven Seagal).
The crapped cells at the beginning of the movie is deleted : that’s OK !
But, the (new) first cell is tagged with no “STC SCR discontinuity” (cf. PGcEdit).
I haven’t verified with over arrcos.
I use the full rip option (not movie only).