DVDFab Beta

Dear all,

DVDFab is final now (04/14/2006).

DVDFab Platinum

DVDFab Express

DVDFab Gold

DVDFab Decrypter

What’s New:
-New: If there is a reading error when copying (like disc is scratched), user can choose Ignore, Ignore All, Retry, or Abort. (DVDFab Express)
-Fix: “Enable DMA” window will be shown when DMA is already enabled, in certain cases.

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Thanks again fengtao!

Thanks a bunch fengtao, your programs are grrrrrreat …

A little late for for accolades but had trouble logging in to the server

Hi Fengtao
Thanks for the new beta version of DVDFab Decrypter I am using the 1Click DVD Copy v and it kept telling me "Skipping bad sector all across the process"
is there any newer version for this new kind of Sony copy Protection again Fengtao?


John T

  1. Latest version of 1 click is you are way out of date.

  2. What movie are you working on ?

  3. What region is the movie ?

  4. Is the problem occurring when decrypting or when burning ?

Hi Benha

I am working on the movies name… Have fun with Dick and Jane, Paris by Night Music Movie by using 1Click DVD Copy version and DVDFab I had just download yesterday.
-The DVDFab Decrypter has this error message here: Get DVD Info Fail 4096.

  • The 1Click DVD Copy has this error message: Skipping bad sectors xxxxxx. then hang.

Do you have any ideal what is wrong and what should I do ?

Thanks a million

Vaskier :confused:

Fun With Dick & Jane has both, Widescreen and Fullscreen. The Fullscreen is screwy on VTS_07_1.VOB, as It’s where the Fullscreen version is located on the Disc, Region 1(US). It’s most likely due to a bad batch of discs, bad presses, etc. I was actually able to get both versions backed up using SkipDr. AutoMax, and then DVDFab Express and it plays flawlessly.

hello DMP31

You don’t mind if I ask where do you get those softwares: SkipDr, Automax ??? so I can go there and download them then try them the way you say on the forum ?

thanks a lot

They are not software they are hardware devices.

You can get SkipDr here in the UK. Use Froogle or Kelkoo for other countries stockests.


looking for registration for DVD Region +Css Free

Just go to the website and buy it. Once you do its registered!