DVDFab 10 Now Lets Users Concurrently Operate in Multiple Modules

Recently found that DVDFab has released its first Alpha version of it next-gen DVDFab 10, which ushers in some very practical features. Here I would like to share what I found most useful among those new features.

The 1st new feature I personally like most is the ability to run multiple modules at the same time. This means, if I want to make a hard copy of my newly purchased DVD or Blu-ray disc for my SONY home Blu-ray player, and at the same time convert that disc for my iPhone 6, I would have to separately run the Copy module and then the Ripper module with previous DVDFab 9 or 8, however, now things have improved, in DVDFab 10 Alpha version, I can simply stick that disc into my optical drive, and then set up the copy and ripper tasks respectively, and then let the program process those two tasks in order. What makes me feel more fascinating is that while the program is processing these two tasks, I can still use other modules like the Converter and the Creator without affecting the tasks in progress. This could be insanely useful.:bigsmile:

Another new feature of DVDFab 10 Alpha is that it allows users to choose different skins to make the GUI look more stylish. Although currently there are only two preset skins offered, the feedback I got from their service staff is that there will be more in the final official release, and even you might be able to customize the GUI skin with your own pictures. Really look forward to seeing this.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds Great