DVDFab 0.15.0 final is released

freeware with two 5 second nag screens (never expires…free to use as long as you wish)
Splits entire dvd (menues and extras) to two dvds

here’s my mirror [482KB] to download and and also all CGP (Change Graphic Pictures) for dvdfab dvdfabCGP.zip [2.72MB] http://www.mrbass.org/dvdtoolbox/

Note: it still doesn’t do episodic dvds yet but that’s being worked on.’
DVDToolbox 0.14.0 is the last release as DVDFab is (dvdtoolbox + splitting entire dvd)

Thx m8 for the news, this software has some real potential if they carry on as they are going. :wink:

A test option was enabled on 0.15.0 …new version fixed this problem…so do download again 0.15.1 released today June 22.

  • Version: 0.15.1
  • Date : 22.03.2003

*** New
*** Changes
*** Bug fixes
Test option was still activated.