I am unable to log on to dvdextreme, and it looks like it’s down for a short time.
so unlike me don’t worry about it. :stuck_out_tongue:
(This is the reason I ditched dvd43 :a ) he can be a bit of a devil and lock up your computer, I much prefer Any dvd.

I have also been getting a page cannot be displayed message since about 9AM and it is now 3PM here.


Same here,


I know that sjv and aRMY83 are also having this problem. Maybe it has been Blacked out so folks will watch the Bears Game this afternoon. :wink:

Just left the TV to check the 1Click forum at dvdextreme and its still down, so back to watching the Steelers woop up on the Colts.

enjoy the game kipper.

Nice to see you around 4hams and Bigboard. I did check with two other forum members
to see if they had the same problem before posting, just to keep KT happy. I love his v
Bulletin stuff. Hope to see you guys around.

3:52 pm est , Forum’s back up :slight_smile:

I did my friend, it was a fun game to watch, the second game (Bears and Ravens) was a also a fun one.

At least we will have some new faces in the superbowl.

Shame on me, Spelling should be dvdrextreme.

i see the forum is still down at 05:45 uk time:( friday morning

Today yes, but up and running now, It’s a bit slow loading but I know KT is working on it.
I believe there is a problem with the host server. Still the best forum around IMHO.

better than ever with the new upgrade :clap:

4/26/06. The forum seems to be down again, this AM. Anyone else having problems accessing? :frowning:

Oh , I thought it was just me ! LOL !


okay the forum will be up and running in about 15mins 30mins max :cool:

DVDRextreme is LIVE !!! :cool:

shannon, it may have just committed suicide today with Gregory’s announcement!!!

man look at the post counts on this , ehehehehe :bigsmile:

where do i start :confused:

Nice to see you guys ‘over here’. I’m waiting to see what Gregory has done to the ‘old’ site, how much good will has been lost. He seems to ‘lose it’ every time someone questions his point of view. JMO.