DVD burner: Lite-On LDW851S
DVD software: Sonic MyDVD version 4.5
Media: DVD+R 4X

i receive the following error toward the end of the DVD burning process as the program is “writing files.”

Could not complete the last command because: End of file (DVDErr, -16072)

i have done the following and it still doesn’t work -

  • reinstalled software
  • updated firmware to GSOP
  • tried to make DVD folder (i.e. create DVD on hard drive); received same error message

plese help and let me know what to do to correct for this error so that i can burn my DVD.

What’s the file size. (Will it fit on a DVD?)

very small file - only 12 minutes long, ~.5 GB

It’s too big. You’ll only get 4.36 GB on a single layer disk.
Try DVD Shrink to compress it.

No, He saying the it is only [B].5G[/B]. So he has lots of room.

What format is your file in?
What is the brand of media?

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