DvdEncryptor + 3500AG


i having a problem with my burner which i never experience b4
my burner is 3500AG, and the meida i using is DVD RIDATA R-

the program i using to burn the game is DVD Encryptor.
this is the error i have receive when i trying to burn the ISO file.

DevideIoControl(FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME) failed!
Devide[[1:0:0] _NEW DVD_RW ND-3500AG 2.16 (D:) ATA
Unable to lock volume for exclusive aaccess.
Reason : assess is denied.

with this error… i have 3 option { abort, retry, ignore }

can anyone help me to solve this problem.
i don’t really know why i started receiving this problem.


I’m not sure why but i get that sometimes also and i just choose Ignore and don’t have any problems with the burns.


yah…but i still don’t like that pop up…
i tried to un install the dvd decryptor.
and reinstall ; however, the problem still persists.

anyone knows about this?

Never heard of “DVD Encrypter” …

It’s called using your knowledge and expertise, along with what the question is (in this case a DVD Burning problem), and deducing the meaning of the question and realizing the person could have made an error. This is sometimes referred to as “reading between the lines”. LOL

Since I use DVD Decrypter to burn ISO files also, this was a logical conclusion.

Since to me the name of the program really has no bearing on the fact that he is having a problem with a pop-up about locking the drive access ,I used my experience and knowledge to make this deduction. Common sense made the light go on that he more than likely meant DVD Decrypter which was proven out in his second post.

tom_mk, there must be another program trying to have access to the drive. Do you have a bitsetting program open or another program that loads with Windows open that could be trying to access the drive also ? You might want to do a Alt-Ctrl-Delete and see what processes are running in the background that may be trying to access the drive if any. Maybe turning off the auto-insert notification where Windows asks what you want to do with the blank disc when you insert it if you are using Windows OS which i assume you are since you are using DVd Decrypter ?


Yo jtommyj-

THAT is the way to tell 'em-

Thanks for the good advise-


thx jtommyj for ur great suggestion.

i’ll try urs suggestion

thx again


Make sure that you don’t have something like Roxio Drag to Disc running. You will see it down in your taskbar if you do.

If it is there, right click and choose exit. If the problem goes away, run msconfig click on Startup Tab at top and remove check next to DrgToDsc.

It could also be another application and the solution may be the same, just a different executable.

Good luck