DVDecrypter- Changes Available/Booktping



I just switched from a Lite-On SOHW-832S to the NEC 3550A (firmware has been upgraded to version 1.06). When changing the booktype in DVDecrypter with my Lite-On I could set it to handle both DVD+R and DVD+R DL discs as seen below.

I now have and NEC 3550A installed and when I go to set the booktype I’m only allowed to set either DVD+R or DVD+R DL. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but when using the NEC to burn with DVDecrypter it says I have 498 changes available (see “Current Settings” below).

Does this mean that after I burn 498 (it started at 500 but I’ve done two burns, hence the 498) DVDs DVDecrypter will lock up so that I can no longer switch booktype for different media? Is there a way to undo that setting? And also, is it possible to change the setting so that booktyping can be set for both DVD+R and DVD+R DL?



Changing booktype is related to the firmware. I’m not sure, but maybe you need a patched firmware to change booktype with your NEC


I’ve already patched it to the latest firmware. My question is more related to the issue of DVDecrypter only allowing you to change the settings a certain number of times.


For what I know there are no limitations.

Try to use latest version of the burning engine of decrypter, aka imgburn


Actually I think 499 is the start point, but that’s irrelevant really.

Don’t worry about this. I’ve a 4570 with modded firmware with bitsetting capability & despite having bittsetting of DVD+R -> DVD-ROM and having burned quite a few +R disks it still says 498 available.


That’s the number of times you can change the booktype setting itself - probably before the flash memory dies… I dunno.

It’s by no means anything to do with the number of burns you can do.


…and with Binflash you can reset that counter, whenever you like. :smiley:


I have a slightly different problem but on the same topic. I have a ND-3550A and am using this in conjunction with a 8X Philips DVD+R. At the time of burning, when I try to change the booktype in DVD Decrypter to DVD-ROM and click “OK”, it popups a message window saying “FAILED” and it leaves the booktype unchanged. Is there something I need to do before I can change the booktype. Any suggestions?


Unless you have some non standard nec firmware, you can’t change the booktype for dvd+r.
Only certain firmware versions can do it and they don’t come on drives sold as ‘NEC’ drives.

Search the forum a little and I’m sure you’ll find a firmware that WILL let you though.


but that doesnt seem right as the original post by Multiple-Miggs shows that he is using the original NEC firmware 1.06. The only difference is that I am still on 1.05. Does anybody know the differences between 1.05 & 1.06, i.e., would upgrading the firmware resolve this issue?


He could have got the bit setting firmware from here . It would still show as standard NEC but allow bit setting.


Apologies if I gave that impression- my 1.06 firmware is the modded one that allows booktyping for DVD+R & DVD+R DL.

Thanks for all the help/responses.