I recently upgraded to the latest version of DVDDecyptor. Since then DVD2One keeps chrashing. When I use SmartRipper there’s no problem at all. What’s wrong with the latest version of DVDDecryptor?:confused:


go back to the old version for now, the author has introduced bugs in the new one.


Verry good suggestion, could i’ve been my own. But like a lot of us, i don’t have a copy of the previous version. Do you know where to download ?


Indeed the new version of DVDdecryptor can cause DVD2one crashes. Erwin already emailed LightningUK about this problem.


I’ve noticed a few problems since going to the new version, Is there a place to get the original I misplaced my backup of 3.1.40. Most of the sites I’ve checked have the new version.


I saved a copy of the old version of DVDDecrypter.

Happy to e-mail it to any one who wants it.


I’ll grab a copy if you can send it to :



strange I am using the latest DVDDecryptor and never had a single crash with dvd2one.


same with doctorow…no problem with DVDDecrypter or DVD2ONE latest version


I hit problems with the new version and have reverted to 3.1.4, until Lightening Uk releases an update.



Old version sent to you.





Dear bcordes (or Scarpad),

Could you send me a copy too?




Old Version sent M8



New version ( available at dvddecrypter website.


I’ll Stick with for awhile works like a charm


Me too, 3.14 is very stable.

Maybe worth checking in a week or two on the Dvd Decrypter’s site forum, to see if the new version has solved all the issues and whether ReneB has found any new ones :wink:


If you need an older version you can get it here: