DVDDeCryptor can run alongside AnyDVD?

Hi, I read this on another AnyDVD thread, but could not find the “how to”? Does anyone know where these instructions are? Thanks.

“DVDDeCryptor can run alongside AnyDVD and Olli himself has advocated that and told us how to make it work”

Start AnyDVD
Place media that you want to backup in drive
Start DvD Decryptor, Save as iso to a folder
Turn off AnyDVD, iso is now region free and stripped of protection.
Use DvD Decryptor, burn image to disk.

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there are instructions on how to optimize the compatibility between dvd decrypter and anydvd in this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1014258&postcount=8

dvd decrypter and anydvd have a few known conflicts that hinder the operation and efficiency of the process.

i think the original poster was looking for the correct settings to make them work together…not how to use them.

@Acros follow this link http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1014258&postcount=8 it should give you all the info you need :slight_smile:

ahh weaver was too quick for me :bow:

Yes, I am looking for the correct settings to make them work together. Thanks for that. However, the link is coming up dead on my browser: ‘The page cannot be found.’ Is the link broken?

just in case you can’t read it here are the instructions (as quoted from bjkg who quoted and paraphrased from Olli):

Proceed to the DVD Decrypter Opening Page - Tools - Settings

I/O Tab - Click on “Elby CDIO-Elaborate Bytes”

General Tab - un-check “Check For Structure Protection”

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Thank you. I’ll check it out.

Here is a thread (see post #5) that Olli posted instructions for using DVDD in conjunction with AnyDVD. It is in agreement with that already posted in this thread. Just checked and the link is live (still works) here.



DVDDecryptor doesn’t actually need AnyDVD running in the background, even the newest DVDs, but if you have it, DVDDecryptor probably rips faster because there’s nothing to decrypt, only rip :bigsmile: