DVDDecryptor burn=more errors?

I’ve burned about 2 dozen DVD+R’s. All are from the same cakebox of Fujifilm Ty02. About a half dozen were with DVD Decryptor, the rest with the Sonic software that came with my 1620. All were made by burning ISO’s created with DVD Shrink. Both DVD-D and Sonic are set to “max” for burn speed, rather than a specified rate (ie, 4x, 8x, etc). I have no idea what speed Sonic is actually writing at as it does not provide any log or statics. Averages for DVD-D are around 8X.

Of those created with DVD Decryptor, half will produce the error “No additional sense information” when scanned with Nero CD-DVD Speed. Although I have burned nearly 3 times more with Sonic’s software, not a single one has produced this error. All the discs that produce this error when scanned play without problems in my set-top Sony DVD player.

Question #1 - what exactly is the error “no additional sense information”?

Question #2 - is this mere coincidence that the discs burned with DVDDecryptor produce this error, or could there be something to it?

The drive I returned produced similar results. I used only DVD Decrypter to burn… I never tried another app since DVD Decrypter has always produced the best burn results for me. When I get my replacement drive here in a few days I’ll try an image file using both DVD Decrypter and Nero and se if the results vary. Here is the thread about the trouble I was having with my 1620:

I got my replacement drive and burned a few image files with DVD Decrypter and Nero, and I am no longer getting the “No additional sense information” error or the less than perfect burns. I posted some scans from my replacement drive in the thread I mentioned above.