DVDDecrypter.. what next?



Hello there… I have ripped my dvd I wish to back up using dvdDecrypter and it has saved the movie in 8 VOB files &some BUP files on my hard drive. Can anyone tell me what is the next step to copy these files onto a dvd, please?

#edit# tried to add them to ‘make your own dvd’ using NERO and it said disk was full?! No comprende’.


Are you burning to single layer or double layer?

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How big is your output size? It could be that you’ll need first to shrink the movie, so that it will fit on a sl disc.


“make your own dvd” is the option you want to use if you have assorted media files (avi, divx, or mpeg without dvd structure already). The disk was full thing was probably because that option does not compress.
In nero you want the “copy entire dvd-video” option. This will open nero recode that can use the files from dvd decryptor (asuming you ripped them all right), and compress them to fit a dvd-9 onto a dvd-5 if nessasary.