DVDDecrypter vs. ImgBurn on burnquality

I was just wondering if (the latest version of) ImgBurn gives better quality burns than DVDDecrypter. I only use .iso images for burning and has sofar also used DVDDecrypter for both ripping and burning. And using Nero Burning Rom, will I get the same result as for burning with DVDDecrypter or ImgBurn ?

Imgburn is excellent, just burn your .iso with any program that will do it and burn with Imgburn , the quality will depend on the media and burner you use and the speed you burn at.

Theres an intresting thread at the ImgBurn Forum where burn tests have been carried out on the same media and on the same burner with DVDD and IB. Make your own mind up which is best on single layer media, but for dual layer it has to be IB IMHO.

Click here. to see the thread.

Jack Lurker, it will be interesting to see how that thread progresses.
The IB author has stated "You take a chunk of data from a file, send it to the drive via the ‘Write (10)’ command, then repeat the process again until you’ve sent all the data.

With that in mind, I don’t see how using ANY program could have a direct impact on burn quality."

When it comes to writing speed, does the program just say to the burner (in simple terms) “write this dvd at max 8x” and the burner does that ? Or is the program more involved in this process ?

Geesh. I read that thread - what a bunch of immature wankers. :frowning:

Right on the spot. In terms of low-level burning quality (PIE/PIF/jitter), the software’s impact is simply nonexistent. For a given disc, burning quality is entirely a function of the drive, firmware and burning method (ISO, data…)

If you have a fragmented HD, the read buffer size can make a change, but that’s about all there is to it.

Now about Decrypter and IMGBurn, it’s clear that IMGBurn is loaded with new features that surpass DVDDecrypter, and makes for example DL burns far easier and safer. I love IMGBurn, even more so since it can now build ISO images from data. :clap: :clap:

But two successful burns with the two softwares will show the same low-level quality in PIE/PIF scans. In case it’s not yet clear, the software has zero, nada, null, nonexistent impact on the burning quality [I]per se[/I]. :disagree:

IMGBurn is written by the guy who wrote DvdDecrypter. I am new here so if you guys already know that forgive me for being a “wanker”. :bow: