DVDdecrypter slooooooooow


ive tried ripping 2 dvds now with my nec1300a
they were both the region of the dvd player. and in good shape.
i used dvd decrypter… and it goes disgustingly slow, estimated time is 1 hour to 1 and a half. |EDIT| dvd decrypter shows 1.4x to 1.9x ripping speed.

my specs,
athlon xp 2600
512 ddr
80 gig 7200rpm ibm
running win98

both devices have dma enabled
and im not doing any other tasks,

on a sidenote my 2 hds are on the primary ide channel and my drives on the secundary ( cables are to short)

what gives? it isnt supposed to take this long is it?
any ideas what it could be im really hating this.
id really appreciate it


I believe that your DVD burner is limited to 2x rip speed. I don’t see any hacks for the NEC (unlike the Pioneer DVR105). You can get a LiteOn DVD-ROM drive to do your ripping.

thanks for the responds,

i figured that to but then Wookie, told me in the dutch forum he just finished ripping 3 dvd discs at ‘‘3,2 - 4,2x.’’ speed

its still slow but we have the exact same drives… could
it be capped at diff speeds?

ahh well it rips i guess , thats something n it definatly burns :smiley:

go to htpp://www.expage.com/howtocopydvds4free it is good and it shows exactly what it says and it takes about 1/2 an hour on a 2X burner

the 1300A definitely has a rip speed limit when using official firmwares. go to Herrie’s site and flash to one of his firmwares to get rid of the limit, as well as make the drive region free and allow for better media support.