Dvddecrypter-dvd2one integration

i luv the DVd2One-CopytoDVD integration. 1 shot to convert and burn.

I do recognize that u dont want to incorporate dvddecrypter code into dvd2one. will create huge issues for dvd2one developers.

is anyone planning to develop a “shell” that can first run dvddecrypter and then pass the info to dvd2one-copytodvd so that we can do the whole thing in 1 shot? i recognize that i have to do the audio & subtitle selection up front - just after the rip of the ifo file.

any thoughts?

working on a shell as we speak. (well not realy, had to stop to actualy type this msg)

well i dropped building the shell because of This Thread , looks as though they have been at it a bit longer then I, but if they make a shell with plugin ability then that would be great :slight_smile: