DVDDecripter and windows vista

I’m a newbie. Is it possible to get dvddecripter to work on a windows vista system? I got a pop up on my new laptop saying that a diver had been disabled as it is not compatible. I had not yet installed dvddecripter.

I can give more info if it is possible to work around this. windows said it would ‘update when a compatible driver becomes available’ or something to that effect.

I"m new and downloading that program was my first foray into the ripping burning world. Not going good so far lol

did you ran it as admin? if not then you should , also try compatbility mode…

I just downloaded the program, I didn’t even install it on my computer yet. When I turned on the computer the next morning I got that message in a popup.

I have only used my computer in admin mode.

What is compatibility mode?

well if you didnt ran the installer at all then that driver message is not related to it in any way , its probably an incomptible hardware driver or a software one maybe of some burnning/disk imaging/virtual cdrom emulator software , make sure all of your software is vista compatible… and get latest vista compatible drivers for your hardware , btw 32bit vista drivers will not work on the 64bit edition as it requires signed drivers , you can find compatbility mode in the properties of any .exe file there you can choose an os for example xp and it will make the program/installer you run to think it running from xp but of course the compatbility mode isnt 100% some programs/installers wont work even when its on , basicly its intended for softwares that arent compatible with the os , btw are you sure your really running as admin? by default setting in vista your user account is limited when you wanna run something as admin you just right click and click “run as admin” or somethin like that , usally youll be admin only if you turn off user account control or change somthing in the registry(cant remember what it was, but there was a guide on neowin a while back)

DVD Decrypter has been not upgraded for long time and is obviously not VISTA compatible. VISTA has two version 32 bit & 64 bit, try DVD Decrypter with 32 bit may be you get it to work but I doubt you can do for 64 bit.

I running vista and all i did was downloaded it and installed and all works fine, So def not a compatibility prob :slight_smile: