Dvdd3.5.4.0 & unleashed

Anybody tried backing up this new release using DVD Decrypter
Here’s a screen shot of the failure dialog:

never mind … first two attempts went bad after 20 retries (as specified in my I/O > Options > Settings > Software Read Error Retries), third attempt went OK after only 6 retries … go figure … I would’ve just kept re-trying if the first two scenarios had happened to me again …

I seem to be having the same problem with that movie…anyway to set the program so that it auto retrys?

comments17 … check the Tools > Settings > … nav. path in my 2nd post … you can set auto retrys to any number you want (don’t know upper limit - I’ve never changed it from the default ‘20’, even then you can still manually tell it to Retry, as per the dialog screen shot file att. in my 1st post).
Must be a crappy mfgd. run of discs or something, there’s no magic in my eventual success.

I have the default set at 20 also…i can press the manual retry as many times as id like still wont proceed…i wondering if it cause i have a different burner…

dunno … is the disc nice and clean?

i managed to back it up…in those options i just set it to ignore errors…seemed to work…thanks for the help though

Now having trouble with backing up BEWITCHED … no matter how many 'Retry’s I make, DVDD just can’t get past sector 737504 (without errors due use of ‘Ignore’ command):

I 16:33:05 Found VOB File: VTS_02_1.VOB - (LBA: 729180 - 1253466) - KEY: D5 CA 6F 01 9D
W 17:37:38 Failed to read Sector 737504 - Tracking Servo Failure
W 17:39:18 Failed to read Sector 737505 - Tracking Servo Failure
E 17:40:58 Failed to read Sector 737506 - Tracking Servo Failure
E 17:40:58 Failed to Extract Sectors!
E 17:40:58 Operation Failed! - Duration: 01:12:10

Has something new and tricky come down the pike with the newer releases?

P.S. comments17 … How many read errors did you accumulate backing up UNLEASHED with ‘Ignore Read Errors’ enabled in Settings? (Check the log file if you have ‘Save the Log’ [files] enabled [without ‘Overwrite Existing’ enabled])

I seem to recall reading early this morning that Bewitched is one of the first few new releases containing a new protection. Isn’t this more crap from Sony?

Searched ‘BEWITCHED’ and found a couple of threads dealing with the Sony ARccOS copy protection scheme and the unreadable sectors issue - short answer, use AnyDVD instead … in the process of my reading, came across an excellent technical dissertation on the so-called “Sony DRM Rootkit Virus” present on Audio CDs (only?), if interested, see Mark Russinovich’s blog: http://www.sysinternals.com/blog/2005/10/sony-rootkits-and-digital-rights.html
… thanks to SamuriHL & Tru