Dvdburner - usb2 - dvdshrink

hi all,

i’m having a problem burning with dvdshrink over usb2. when burning an iso to the c: drive, the dvdshrink preview window is not showing a full moving picture. It shows a picture that goes foward then backwards then forward.
i burned a dvd 4x like this, and it had a few artifacts.

xp v2002
1.19ghz cpu 384 ram
usb2/firewire combo card.
external dvd writer: nec nd-1300a
burning to: hp dvd+r 8x

any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


I have some suggestions :slight_smile:

First of all, don’t use dvd shrink to burn ISOs, use imgburn instead. It’s more updated than shrink. Save ISO files created by shrink in HDD and then burn with imgburn.

Then, use better discs; hp are not the very best media. Buy verbatim or Taiyo Yuden (the very best available right now).

Maybe more RAM memory can be useful too.

Finally, enabling the preview window in dvd shrink is useful only to slow down CPU operations, so I suggest to disable it in preferences.

If you’re ripping the dvd to your HD you don’t really need the preview window. Rip to your HD and then watch it in a software dvd player like powerdvd or vlc player. If it plays back fine and the burn is bad then it could be the media. Rip using Ripit4me for better results, if there are errors it the disc it will let you know.

A method that works for me and my external drive (BenQ 1640 in a USB2 enclosure):

Rip to ISO with Shrink (with the video window disabled)
Burn the ISO with ImgBurn

Works even with CMC made discs (which your HP probably are).


Thanks guys. I will try these methods.