I was wondering if there was a Dual Layered burner out there that can handle Safedisk2.9+<
I was reading the thread “What DVD burner should I buy” then it was just mainly ppl sayin shiznit about BenQ and NEC… what happend to litey’s :-\ lol thats what I have alot of lol
but neways… I was wondering if someone could verify a good Dual for Safedisk2.9 and up…
thanks much

Well, as the first post in that thread said, there’s no ultimate DVD burner, and you’ve just hit on one of those weak spots that many burners have. To my knowledge, the only DVD burners that can handle EFM correctly are the ones using the MediaTek chipset (which is, in my opinion, an otherwise bad chipset for DVD burning; it’s great for CDs, though). Of these MediaTek-based drives (LiteOn, BTC, Artec, TSST), I would go with LiteOn.

There are some people who just use another drive just for CD backups. Your signature indicates that you already have some drives in your posession for this purpose.

i can do safedisk 3… so alright what would be a good dualy? BenQ? or NEC?

The stickied thread comparing 16 burners is more or less a BenQ vs. NEC shootout. Look at that, and if you still can’t decide, flip a coin (or just go with the BenQ :p).