DVDBurner Dirty?

Hey, I have made prolly around 200 copies of DVDs and in the past week or two I’m getting my 1st erorrs(4 total).The movie locks up sometime will keep playing alot of time total lock up. So far everytime I made a new copie it worked. But could my Burner be dirty? (its a NEC 1100A) Could i get one of those radio shack cds with a brush on it to do the trick or should i use something else? If its not dirty what could be the problem I understand sometimes you make coasters but nothing in months now 4 in less then 2 weeks. I have cloneDVD and anydvd

Thanks for the help

Jester,DON’T EVEN TRY IT,those DVD/CD cleaners won’t do it. Did you leave your burner open for an extended period of time? If so,
blow it out with a few short bursts of canned air,and don’t point and burst at the laser. If this doesn’t do the trick,have it looked over professionally,BUT AGAIN,NO dvd/cd cleaners,they are not what you need…

Yeah I use cloneDVD and when its done it pops open and sometimes I’m not ther to get it. I hope we can get this as an option to have it pop open on later versions of clonedvd. I’ll try the can air hope it works