Dvdboosts 2510 firmware better than 107b5 from herrie?

Oki, ive got a 2510 device.

I flashed the firmware to 107b5 from herries.
I have no liteon dirve so cant check PI values, but i ran the dvd read test in nero with with burns with the harrie firmware. There was some drops here and there though i burned with verbatim and 4x.

I flashed to the 2510 firmware from DVDBOOST, running the dvdspeed again and the curve is PEEEEEEEEEEEEERFECT!!

Anyone experienced the same?

I’m not quite sure, but if I remember correctly, DVDBOOST just used one of the existing firmware versions and made it appear as an ND2510 instead of ND2500. So you will only find a few number of Bytes changed, when comparing the “original” and DVDBOOST’s firmware.
But I’m not sure which firmware he used exactly to make his modifications, but I guess except for Herrie there are only few people who know how to modify writing strategies and I’m happy to be one of them :smiley:

DVDBOOST’s is based on the HP520n v.2.21 so the diffrence from the 2.15 is bitsetting, RPC1 riplock, no media speedups or that sort of things. Herries 1.07b5 has bitsetting, mediaspeedups, RPC1 and riplock if i remeber correctly. The 1.07 is for the 2500 and you need to flash in dos until the final version comes up.(Should be any day now)

There is nothing special in my FW’s, they are HP520n FW, simply adjusted to shows as ND-2510A.
Herrie’s FW is much more advanced, supports more different kind of media with proper adjustments, but there could be a situations that the “originals” works better in particular.

It would be good to get more feedback from guys who tryed both FW’s.

Well since I don’t use the NEC for reading it makes no difference to me. I want the best burns I can get that is what is important to me. If better write strategies can be made then I am interested (Even at the loss of burning speeds).

I also tried dvdboost’s fw, but since with that f/w I can only burn my Ricoh r00 at 2.4X… and with herrie’s I can at 8X ;).

What kind of situations have you in mind ? Are they media related ?

I could have sworn I flashed mine via windows. As a matter of fact, I KNOW I flashed in windows because I have no clue nor the mental capacity to learn to flash via dos :bigsmile:.

Thats what Herrie told me earlier. I wait for the native 2510 version

Yes you can flash the NEC2500a in windows using 1.07v2b5 but for the NEC2510a you need REAL DOS to flash it, you cannot use Command Prompt since that has no access to hardware.
If you have a NEC2510a drive and want to use Herrie’s 1.07v2b5:

You will absolutely need a floppy drive if you want to backup your firmware if you have only have NTFS partitions on your Harddrive.

I wasted a good time trying nearly every method there is to try and back it up without a floppy. Then I gave up and drove 100km to pick up a $6 floppy drive as well as stock up on some DVD+R.

If you don’t care about backing up your firmware and you have no access to a floppy drive you can create a bootable CD with TDB flasher program and Herries 1.07v2b5 bios on it.