DVDBitSet comes blank

I have a BTC 1008 (MicroAdvantage branded) drive. I flashed the 0059 firmware. I downloaded the DvdBitSet106.exe utility to set the booktype. I’m using Windows XP, when I double-click the file, nothing happens. I do a right-click on the file and choose RUN AS… -> Current User from the pop-up menu, and I’m able to bring up the DVDBitSet window. However everything is blank. There is no drive available in the drop-down menu to choose the BTC drive, there is none in the list although I have three DVD drives (one BTC, one NEC, and one generic) installed. I’m able to use all the DVD drives in Nero and burn the image.

I have attached the screenshot of the DVDBitSet window.

do you have the bitsetting option in nero?

The bitsetting option is not available in Nero

-try the bitsetting utility 1.05 you can find it @ http://www.drvupdate.com/

You CAN set the booktype with this version of Nero.