Dvd95copypro 3.6 New Users Guide And Reviews!

hello everyone i just ran across this new guide and reviews for dvd95copypro the guide is great and the reviewa very positive have a look heres the link hope you take the time to look katcan :cool: http://www.ultimate-dvdr.com/software-tutorials-reviews/629-simples-dvd95-review.html

It is a very nice program.

I can vouch for that, I have it and it can burn with Nero or it own imbedded burn engine.

thanks i think the program id great it performs as good as the best dvdbackup software i own top of the line in my opinion katcan :clap: :clap: :clap:

This is nice to have if you don’t have clonedvd ect…and there’s alot of free software that comes with it.

I have it also, but haven’t had time to play around with it yet. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Leave out a catnap or two, then you’ll have plenty of time. :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Alot of people are talking about this program, I have tried it and I think its great, I think if more people gave it a try it could have its own sub forum soon.

I purchased it in August of 2005, not one coaster yet. It can also burn using VSO’s CopyToDVD. You just choose which software you want to use to burn in the settings. It does everything automatically. No need to rip to hard drive and then edit and burn.

It can compress individual title-sets and delete them as well. Plus it has its own Decrypter. You can’t beat that.

I don’t know the program, but there is no need to cross post this all over the forum. Two posts/threads have already been deleted. I understand that you are friends with the author of the product. Another user registered from the same IP with the same profile picture also posted about this software. This information leads me to think that this is free advertising…which, for the purpose of this forum, is considered spam.

I would appreciate a brief explanation on this matter by PM. Until that moment this thread is closed.


so you have clonedvd2 how does it compare to dvd95copypro?? katcan :smiley:

I havn’t compare those 2 yet.

Have we had diaolague before?

You “sound” familiar. Possible Tinylean or microburn?

I have both programs. Clonedvd2 cannot compress titlesets individually but you can delete titltsets. Also while you can preview in real time you cannot hear audio. With Dvd95, if you have AnyDVD installed you can preview by right clicking the aspect ratio and you will hear the audio. Also, on some DVD stand alone players, if previews are deleted with Dvd95, the back up may sit in the tray until the menu button is clicked and then it will play from there. Clonedvd2 has software built in that will correct for playback problems caused by the removal of titlesets. I have no problems with any of the backups playing in any of my DVD standalone players since I purchased Clonedvd2 in October of 2005.

To compensate with the playback problems of Dvd95 with some of my standalone players, I used AnyDVD to jump to the Title menu or the Main Movie. I check to see which setting will play back the original DVD appropriately in the computers ROM drive. If the original DVD does not play back according to the box that is checked, I use the other setting. If neither works, which hasn’t happened yet than AnyDvd cannot be used to compensate for the backup not playing until the menu button is pushed. I must add that I have not encountered a play back problem with backups made with Dvd95 (when previews are deleted) in either of my Panasonic’s but have had problems with both my Toshiba players and my RCA and Samsung.

I had directed my question to dr. who but your answer was good katcan thankx

I have been reading and reading and reading some more on this and just seen the screen ratio option within the software what a plus when widescreen is only around and standard t.v. is obsolete due to the digital act. 1st copying software that seen with this built into it.

I havent tried that feature I thought it was just there to manually select the screen type full or widescreen ?? you know something I don t? will it modify wide sreen to full screen is this what you are suggesting? if so let me know I would love to see that and what you have to do to make it work!! thanks katcan :clap: :clap:

I tried this at every apect that the program can do an this is a feature I would presume that will be included at a later time. How long who knows since the creater is only doing this prodject partime. After doing it movie only it would play on the PC but not in the player kept getting the BSOD on the dvd player connected to the T.v. but worked fine on the player. Movie only is the setting to allow this option and it did as I said above more work needed as any program does but very high potential though if the auther can fix this to be used on any of the setting full disc, 1:1 ect…

why do you have the problems with these models of dvdplayers do you also have problems with other dvdcopysoftware playback or just on occasion? I have heard some of the newer dvdplayers are very picky playing backups are these all new dvdplayers? katcan :wink:

another dvd95copypro review and guide a very nice one check it out!!katcan http://army83.proboards75.com/index.cgi?board=dvddd&action=display&thread=1154622123&page=1