DVD95Copy v2.6 - adds DVD+R dual layer support

I just posted the article DVD95Copy v2.6 - adds DVD+R dual layer support.

The transcoding software DVD95Copy has been updated
yesterday. With this new version you can now copy whole DVD movies uncompressed
to a dual layer recordable disc.
Changelog for…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8824-DVD95Copy-v2_6---adds-DVDR-dual-layer-support.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8824-DVD95Copy-v2_6---adds-DVDR-dual-layer-support.html)

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Not on their website yet:( cant update my copy.

Taken from their homepage: “Dvd95Copy is now the worlds first tool that makes an exact copy of a DVD. Now it can copy a DVD 1:1” Ehhh… What about DVDdecrypter??? (Or doesn’t that count as it is FreeWare) Go Lightning UK, Go :):slight_smile:
[edited by PeJo on 03.08.2004 13:49]

DVDdecrypter doesnt transcode videos!! ROFLMAO :d

Not only DVD Decrypter… countless other tools, including NERO or CloneCD … I am not sure, why they say that.

Why would you want to Transcode when doing a 1:1 copy ??? Please explain… In the meantime I’ll be on the floor laughing :wink:
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