Dvd95copy V1.2

Indeed, first time I’ve ever tried doing a dvd-9 to dvd-r and dvddecrypter + dvd2one + copytodvd worked without a hitch. It’s so much easier than I thought. Nice progs you guys :slight_smile:


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[B]I’ve version …80 (think
Very Very Very buggie
3 friends also have same problem…


obviously someone who is misinformed…haha doesn’t suprise me a bit. At least we know now why you think it’s buggy. Oversizing lol.

“I have all three programs also. all i will say is that only dvd2one has never failed. on my 27” tv the quality all looks the same. even when i combined fellowship sp. ed. onto one dvd-r,but even that was impressive,considering it is almost a 4 hr movie."

It’s a curse noticing the difference. I do a lot of Photography and develop my own stuff. I’m very sensitive to image quality. I can see the difference between the original DVD and all the programs and every imperfection drives me up the wall.
DVD2One is the simplest and by far the fastest. If you don’t need menus and see no difference than by far it’s the best for you.
In my opinion the speed of DVD2One loses a little image quality and is not quite as good as IC and DVD95Copy. It’s hard for me to get exactly the same size movie files in IC and DVD95Copy, but it seems to me in DVD95Copy the image is marginally better than IC.

TO: Richk50

Reading your thread, it seems that you are considering the image quality of IC and DVD95COPY better than the one produced by DVD2ONE. Is that right? Now my real question: do you consider the image quality of IC and DVD95COPY better even including MENUS and EXTRAS or just movie? Because it is hard to me to understand how those programs can have better quality than DVD2ONE when this program only does movie and the other do also menus and extras, because if the image quality of IC and DVD95COPY is as good as the one of DVD2ONE plus they include menus and extras, they are the real winners at the moment. I’ve been using DVD2ONE and I am very happy but of course if I can include the menu and some extras with same quality of movie I rather take the second option.

for most hollywood movies dvd2one suffices cuz they’re an hour and a half. If you use IC and just do movie + menu then you’ll see how IC has better quality. Some have noticed a pulsating effect and macroblocks. Others have no idea what others are talking about. Here’s my fair comparison screenshots

btw the IC picture quality was 80% IIRC. If you go below 70% or 75% then you’ll notice artifiacts like you do with dvd2one on some movies.

mrbass sorry to say but I have a little doubts about the images that you bring. In your comparision you used a movie of 1h47m and according to you you remove all other laguages except English. Now I have backuped many movies with DVD2ONE and I never saw an image as bad as the one you say you had with DVD2ONE. I even did Lord of the Rings which is 165m (2h75m) and I kept English and French, and the image that I have is far better than the one you have. Something is wrong… just my opinion.

I watch it on my TV and yes it’s BARELY noticeable. You really have to be looking at it. If you read my conclusion I said that dvd2one is definitely up to the task of backing up that paticular movie. A couple of reasons I did this test was:

  1. people claim IC7 doesn’t look as good as dvd2one…this is false if you only rip movie and menu just like dvd2one (except can’t do menu).
  2. people say they never see macroblocks…to tell you the truth you really can’t on that example. A screenshot makes it look worse than it actually is. So if you were viewing that it wouldn’t be noticable hardly.

Anyway just about the entire movie looked awesome with dvd2one. Just remember though dvd2one only had to reduce the video and audio down about 500MB which isn’t that much work.

For 90min movies do you think dvd2one or IC rule? Well the answer to that is both do. Why because both of them don’t need to transcode a thing just move the data which could be done in ifoedit (stripping out extra audio, extras) but IC and dvd2one just make the process so easy.

That’s why you get statements like "I can’t tell a bit for bit (looking at that is) difference between dvd2one and the original. Well very smart sherlock there isn’t any difference the video was untouched for short movies.

Thanks mrbass you made very good points. My interest is just to learn more about these three programs that now are available to do the job. Thanks once more.

To: alwaysilva
I showed my wife and sister images from all 3 programs and they couldn’t tell the difference, even with me pointing out the problem areas, so don’t worry about it. I think all 3 programs use the same or similar algorithms(several papers from universities were published recently giving transcoding formulae, and then these 3 programs appeared). I think DVD2One decided speed was very important. They get great results considering they are 4x as fast as the other 2, but it doesn’t make sense their image quality would be equal. I’m sure they’ll adjust it and eventually give the option of slower speed, higher quality etc.

To: mrbass
Great images. You should write books, you are really great at explaining these difficult concepts.

Ive just tried DVD95Copy on an episode dvd (Angel Season 1 Disc 5) and frankly its shite. After 15 minutes it said it had done. It created a 640mb vob and some ifos and thats all.
I checked the vob in powerdvd and there is only 11 minutes of the title.

So exactly how is this even sellable in this version? Thankfully I didnt buy it and its not the demo version (restricted demos tell me nothing, so I get a dodgy copy and if its good enough I will buy it)

Obviously the person who created dvd95copy has just jumped on the dvd2one/IC7 bandwagon without any proper testing and thought they could make a quick buck. :Z

Hi LFace

I would not be so quick to dismiss DVD95COPY. Your problem is due to the fact that the DVD you tried has episodes. So the program considers one of the episodes the main movie and the rest it considers the so-called extras compressing them a lot, resulting that just one episode has good quality. But the latest version of the program gives you the choice to choose the same compression for everything in the DVD.
Using DVD2ONE you also cannot do a DVD with episodes unless you do some extras setps. DVD2ONE is my favorite because of speed but DVD95COPY already gives the chance to put extras in your DVD. Further in a new update it will let you choose which extras to include. I still wait for DVD2ONE to do an update that will allow to also backup the extras.

LOL you expect sypathy with a post like that ?
The fact you used a buggy first release, you probably only got the result YOU deserved ! and then you complain about it ? LOL madness ! lets all complain about our free ripped off software !
If you had of actualy paid for the software you would now be using a version that would have made a great backup for you.
Even on a DVD With multiple episodes.

Figured I may as well throw my 2 cents in. I have already purchased and used both DVD2one and DVD95 with mixed but mostly good results. Today, I finally went out and bought IC because I actually had excellent results with the demo.

First to address the quality, I watch movies all the time, I have a large DVD collection. Am I a videophile? Yes! Am I an expert? No! What I do know is that the movie quality in my eyes for all 3 products is terrific. For the most part, I find it hard to differentiate from the original. I don’t mess with bitrate viewers, I just determine if what i’m watching looks good or not. For the movie portion, all 3 products deliver.

Regarding IC, IMO, it’s the most polished product of the 3 with some nice features and it does an overall great job with the whole DVD including extras. It’s main drawback…incredibly slow.

DVD95 is a nice product from a small developer that in reference to what another poster said, maybe shouldn’t have released as early as it did. I do understand that DigiMedic probably had to get the product out due to existing and impending competition.

I am actually not complaining here because the product is a nice product and I initially bought ver. 1.1 then upgraded to ver.1.2.2 and had some success. But, right now the program has a relatively critical issue with many movie titles that have extras. The extras are being transcoded without the audio. In defense of Digimedic, he is very responsive to his customers, aware of this situation and I’m sure will have this worked out soon. I will continue to support him because I believe he’ll straighten this out.

Aside from the extras glitch, this product is pretty fast and easy to use. As far as the feature to max compress the extras, for me, it’s something I probably won’t use. At max compression, the movie is great, while the extras look like $hit. I prefer to use the pack evenly option.

That takes me to DVD2one. This product may be lacking a feature or 2 but I really like this product a lot. While not as openly responsive as DigiMedic, the dev continues to try and improve his product. The beauty of this program is it’s simplicity and speed and some people like it just that way. For me, if this product just incorporated the DVD menu, it would be the ideal product because when you have some DVDs that are loaded with extras you just can’t have great quality across the board.

DVD2one is also one of a very few products that I’ve seen on a PC in the last 20 years that actually does what it was advertised to do and as I mentioned earler, it’s fast.

In summary,all 3 have their strengths and weaknesses, so, I guess if you can own all 3…why not?

Like I said “Just my 2 cents”


Originally posted by likemike
Am I a videophile? Yes! Am I an expert? No! What I do know is that the movie quality in my eyes for all 3 products is terrific. For the most part, I find it hard to differentiate from the original


DVD2One is clearly inferior to IC in many ways, given the same size and bitrate. I can tell on my computer, my 36" TV and my projector.


if everyone is so worried about the quaility and how important it is why not buy the original.

Originally posted by valnar


DVD2One is clearly inferior to IC in many ways, given the same size and bitrate. I can tell on my computer, my 36" TV and my projector.

-Robert [/B]

All I can say is your eyesight must be much better than mine. I’m talking about just the movie portion, of course. I’m watching on a HD 32" TV and progressive scan DVD player and if you see any significant differences amongst the 3 products, more power to you. As I said, all 3 products look good to me, especially DVD2one at the max 4.3gb compression.

Also, you’ll note that I said IC’s quality is very good, it’s just too damn slow.



I am new to DVDbackup and it seems that the best tools are dvd2one e dvd95copy. The version 1.1 of dvd95copy crashes a lot and the menus have no sound. Can someone tell me where i can find at least the demo of version 1.2.2?

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1.2 and above are retail versions and not avalible for download. And each key is given out individualy to each user.