Dvd95copy trial + dvd2one 1.0.2+ifoupdate full backup dvd9 to dvd5

I’ve found this thread in Doom9’s forum (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?threadid=47476).

A guy (Yuent4844) proposes this:

  1. rip dvd9 all files to a direct (eg :\A1)

  2. run dvd95copy trial ,input select :\A1, output makes :\A2
    trial can produce all menu+extra(takes max compression) and
    only 10 min main movies,a really lucky restriction,it means that
    trial only run more a bit than 10 min.then delete the only .vob

  3. run dvd2one 1.0.2 ,input :\A1, output makes :\A3,set
    amount=4472-amount in :\A2,
    then move all.vobs into :\A2 and rename the same names with the main movies

  4. run ifoupdate update

5.gain a dvd with max compression of menu+extra and good amount main movie.

Anyone with some experience can comment on this?

Using the trial, I tried this with 3 region 1 movies. “Saving PVT Ryan”, “The Mummy” and a Doowop 50 Rock N’ Roll DVD. Everything looked like it was going great.

The best results I was able to get was with the Doowop DVD. It burned and worked but one of the menus would not work properly.

The other 2 movies just kept freezing at the menu screen and on “The Mummy” I by-passed the menu screen with POW DVD and it was skipping frames. Too much work so I just burned the movie only with DVD2one…looks and works great, as usual.

DVD95Copy in this early stage may have issues. Maybe it’s just the way the trial version processes and does only 10 min. of the main movie. BTW, the way it determines the main movie also seems to be a problem. For now, I’ll stick with DVD2one with movie only and when I have the time or desire I’ll use the DVD2one, IFOEDIT, IFOUPDATE combo. Actually, this method is also a lot quicker.