Dvd95copy problems

just purchase dvd95copy program ver 2.14 and the author said this software will decrypt and burn. So far I have had nothing but trouble, they will not return email. Try it on two computers, each time the program starts but then freezes the pc and I have to reboot. neither pc have anything in common. Has anyone else try this new software? Any idea’s ? After paying $49 for this software and no support.

Just as a test, decrypt the dvd to the harddrive first with dvd decrypter. Then try to run DVD95Copy on that location.

I’ve had that software since its first versions. I’ve reported to the author a number of times about it not decrypting properly. See if thats what the problem is.

Actually you would probably come out better using DVD Shrink. It gives getter results from what I’ve seen and its free. It also has a lot more features.

Why would you pay for something with testing it first with your system? Go to Slysoft.com and download the CloneDVD and AnyDVD. They are fully functional for the first 21 days.

Thank You and yes the program runs as long as you run dvd decrypter. And yes I have send the author of dvd95copy a couple of emails. he has a 30 day warranty of software. Lets see if he will stand behind it?

Sorry i did test but not with a Sony protected dvd

I’m sure he will. Hopefully it wont take too long though.

Found the problem for you!
I forgot to implement the arccos protection removal in the splitting part. :rolleyes:

Will fix it right away.