DVD9 video compatability problems with set-top players?

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First, thanks for all the great info here, its been very informative so far.

Lately I’ve been reading a few reviews concerning the use of DVD9 burners with DVD video applications and have found some disturbing problems with the new format, namely with the layer breaks.

Most of the set-top DVD players can’t make it through the layer break, if it will even play the DVD videos at all.

These reviews were in Computer Video Editing (September and October '04), a respected UK publication…is it a problem with how they are making the discs or has this been a problem with anyone here too?

Is there any particular software that will allow you to set the layer break or is this a hardware/firmware issue?

Thanks for any input on this :slight_smile:

Most reviews I’ve seen shows that DL blanks play on most players. Don’t know about the layer break.

Almost all of the reviews I have seen of DL drives burned only single layer discs due to cost and availability, and most are not done using prosumer software…Adobe, Pinnacle, Ulead.

The CVE reviews tested both DVD video and data compatability, finding no problems with data or playback on computer DVD drives, but serious problems with set-top DVD players.

Anybody actually using and burning DL discs for video here?

I have burned about 6 DL discs using BenQ DW1600. Five Verbatim and one Ritek. So far they have played on all my dvd players. Zenith DVB312, Polaroid DVC 200 and PS2. No problems on either layer so far.

The only layer break problems I’ve had were with discs burned using Nero. (latest version is supposed to fix some DL issues but I’ve not tested it)

Burning with DVD Decryptor has been 100% successful. So I just rip the movie into an ISO file and burn that with Decryptor.

Yep, DVDDecrypter or CopyToDVD is the way to go. :wink:

So this seems to be a software problem instead of a hardware issue?

They were using common NLE DVD authoring apps, not DVDdecrypter, but I wonder if the projects can be saved as ISOs and then burned using DVDdecrypter.

read this thread and links.

The results reported by BenQ and C’t magazine look promising. 80-90% players tested have been able to play a burned dual layer disk when setting the bit flag to “DVD-ROM”.


Cool, so it looks like a bit-setting issue with the software kits then…I’ll email the testers at the mag and see if they can re-create the issues when burning with software that allows bit-setting.

Scratch that last post…I misunderstood bit-setting.

From what I can gather, the stock dual-layer drives (without bit-setting support) do not work as well for video DVDs as do those with bit-setting enabled in the firmware (to be detected as DVD-ROM discs).

OK…I think I understand it now. :slight_smile: