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Hi all,
I’m new to the forum and looking for a little help.

I recently broke down and bought an NEC 3450 DL burner. I figured I could finally get DL media under $4 a disc and it would finally be worth it to backup my DVD collection.

I’ve been using DVD decrypter, DVD shrink, and Nero in various combinations to achieve the best results.

So far decrypter or shrink to make an ISO file and nero to burn has been working the best, however I keep running into problems that I can’t figure out.

The discs I burn play perfect until they get to the layer switch (as far as I can tell). They get to this point and they hang. I’m trying to backup an anime series right now. (Mobile Fighter G-Gundam) I’ve been having the problems with Volume 5 and 6 yet Volume’s 1-4 have been fine.

The original discs have some scratches, but they play just fine and never stutter at all, yet the backups always freeze towards the beginning of the thrid episode on the disc. I am using the Memorex DL media (best value through newegg, though the ridata discs are catching up)

Any Ideas or suggestions with this?

Also another Question which may or may not be off topic.
It seems to me that several years ago there was program that would scan the surface of a cd and make an exact bit for bit image of the disc that you could then burn back to a CD. I remember using to make backups of games with copy protection. It didn’t get rid of the Copy protection, just made an exact duplicate of the disc. Can’t remember the name of the program, but It seems like something like this would be great for what I am looking to do.

Sorry for the long post, but my frustration is beginning to peak (maybe I just need to dump my money into a nice 10 Terbyte RAID array to store my movies on. hmmmm… :smiley: )


your first problem might not necessarily be related to how you’re burning the discs and might just be that your dvd player can’t handle DL media well. try playing the discs on another player and refer to this to see what types of media your player(s) can play.

as for your second question, you’re likely referring to CloneCD. these types of programs are more for game copy protections (and don’t always work for the newest protections either), so using them for copying dvd movies probably wouldn’t work as well as just using something like DVD Decrypter.


It’s not the players. I’ve tried playing it on the same drive that burned it, a sony dru-510A, a sony DDU-1613, and a sony Stand alone dvd player. All PC drives have updated firmwares and whatnot. Same error on all drives. Only hangs at certain part of the playback, usually around the beginning of the third episode (which would be about the midpoint of the disc). it only affects, at most, 10 secs of playback, but usually freezes it hard enough to lock theater tek up. playback before and after the freeze point is fine. Also, some of the first discs I burned were perfect straight through. I tested the ISO’s by mounting them as a drive with Alcohol 120%. they were perfect as well. No freeze ups or skips whatsoever. I’m at a loss.

I just tried Alcohol and anydvd to rip and burn (worked great) yet still skipping and freezing at the midpoint. not as bad but still there


REL Dual Layer burning…

The following has worked the best for me (and for many others as well):

-Use the latest version of DVDDecrypter – this is a must – with the default settings. Do not use Nero, at all, due to the possible confusion over the many settings for layer break. Nero CAN be made to work, but the various options for the layer break can cause you to easily place it incorrectly, or end up with no layer break flag, or to end up with two layer breaks, or to end up with one layer break in one spot but a flag which refers to another spot (ouch).

-Use only Verbatim DVD+R dual layer. So far, all of the other lines out there have still caused some people problems.

-Rip the disc in ISO mode using DVDDecrypter (choose “MODE” and “ISO READ R”). Rip the entire contents to a folder on the hard drive.

-Then, use DVDdecrypter again to burn that disc image. Choose “MODE” and then select “ISO WRITE W.” Navigate to the folder on your hard drive. Now, select the file with the .MDS file extension. This file contains the necessary information about where the layer break was on the original, and then DVDDecrypter can now place it in precisely the same location that it was, with no changes.

I still burn at 2.4X (I prefer not to take risks with expensive media like this).

Twenty-eight successful backups, so far, and all have been tested by actually viewing the DVD all of the way through.

Try this, and see if your layer break woes go away.



Thanks for the advice. I’d had a couple of coasters when using DVD Decrypter for everything. Think it was different settings I was using or background programs screwing it up.
I’ve been playing with the settings and what not. What settings should I be looking for with the ISO R and ISO W setup? The way I got it now seems to be working pretty well. So far 4 rips and burns in a row with no coasters. So far I’ve gone through 17 memorex DL discs and I’ve had 7 coasters or Layer break screwups. I’d go to Verbatim, but I still got 13 memorex left. I’m going to try to get some over ebay, if I can get a good price on them.

What about Ridata Discs. Are they any good? Neweggs got some good prices on these discs.


As Bruce said, use the default settings. The exception is removing PUOs if desired, otherwise don’t monkey with the settings. As to media, it seems everything but Verbatim is rather chancy. Good luck. :wink:


>>>>>What about Ridata Discs. Are they any good? Neweggs got some good prices on these discs.<<<<<

To be truthful, six of my successful dual layer burns were with Ridata DVD+R dual layer discs (2.4X). However, I read so many horror stories over at the DVDDecrypter forum (before it was shut down) that I decided quickly to avoid them in the future, and to stick with the Verbatims.

There were some others who also experienced success with the Ridata, but I noticed that there were MORE reports of people who had problems with them. And, all of the other brands had track records that were much, much worse. I guess my conclusion would be that they might work okay for you, but they might not, and the particular burner you own may be the biggest factor here.

As for me, those “mights” seemed pretty large, if one factors in the expensive costs of a few coasters.

I do not recall a single post where the final conclusion was that Verbatim dual layer media was to blame. Not one. And, I read hundreds of posts discussing other people’s results, both success stories and horror stories.

There is also a lengthy thread over at Videohelp.com (more than 290 posts so far, and it was begun in June of 2004!). It is still very active, and on the first page of the forum, as of today (August 31, 2005). It will convince you of the many ways in which you can screw up by burning with Nero (you can easily end up with no layer break, or with two layer breaks). It will also convince you to stick with the Verbatim.

Click here, if you wish to read a marathon



Excuse me, I was wondering (since english is not my primary langage). A coaster means a precise moment when you watch a DVD backup where it freezes for half a second?

I have been trying to backup my DVDs in every possible way using Memorex DVD+R DL, but at least once or twice during a film the image freeze for half a second. The problem is not the media since when I look back at the iso file on my hard drive afterwards it looks like that the ripping process was the origin of the problem. Now I have tried with another drive to rip DVDs using DVD Decrypter in ISO mode and I’m always having the same problems. Once or twice during the film, the image freezes for half a second. I’d love to have perfect backups…

Anybody can help me?

BTW, when I make backup copies of single layers DVDs on my macintosh using Mac the ripper, I don’t have such problems.


a “coaster” refers to any disc that’s unreadable, so whether or not a disc that skips for half a second depends on how strongly you want to define “unreadable”. try using verbatim dvd+r DL and see if you still experience the same problems.


Thanks for your advice, I have ordered a few DVD+R DL from verbatim and will try that. But as I said earlier, the problem is visible in the iso file on the hard drive, so maybe I should be looking at the DVD reader instead. Do you think I should try to flash my Sony DRU-720A with a lite-on firmware instead of the lastest JY06? Or maybe something else in my computer may cause the problem?


do you experience this freezing in the same spot in the movie every time? if not, it’s unlikely that it’s the iso file itself that’s the problem.




The problem is not with one film only, it occurs at different spots in different iso files. Do you think I should try something else to rip the DVD on my HD?



Re-read this post from AZImmotal very carefully – he wrote you this:

“do you experience this freezing in the same spot in the movie every time? if not, it’s unlikely that it’s the iso file itself that’s the problem.”

You need to know the answer for ONE of your rips, but with multiple tries. In other words, multiple attempts to PLAY this one film, at the same point in the movie.

Try this: Open one of the ISO files on your PC. Play it. Watch it carefully, and find a spot where you definitely see the “freezing” symptom. Make a note of the approximate time into the film where this freezing occurred. Once you have seen this freezing, in any one spot, now try to rewind it. Play this same sequence again. Did it freeze in the exact same spot this time? Now, close the software. Completely. Shut down your computer. Restart. Open THAT SAME ISO file. Play it. Advance to the same “problem spot.” Watch the timer, carefully. Find the precise place where you saw freezing in your first try, above. Did it freeze at the exact same place, the exact same sequence in the action?

If the answer is “no,” and the answer is “it does NOT freeze at the same spot every time I watch it on my PC,” then your ISO image is fine. You are merely experiencing software or hardware “glitches.” The video software is not keeping up, or the video codecs used by your player software are flawed, or the hardware cannot keep up with the fast changing video on your PC. The FILE is fine. It is just your PLAYING that is quirky, and jumpy, and unpredictable, and flaky. You do not have a FILE problem, you have a problem when you try to play video on your computer.

How do you know the ISO file is fine? You saw it play with no “freezing,” on at least one occasion. Even only once. That is your proof. The problem is in your PC, either with the software , or the drivers, or the memory, or the actual hardware on your PC. Video is TOUGH, and on many PCs, even a program or two running in the background will cause timing issues, as the PC tries to divvy out the memory between this video, and the other stuff that is also open (even if you are not aware it is open).

If this is the case (as I suspect), then that file is perfectly fine. It is identical to the original DVD, except the copy protection has been removed.
If you followed my suggested steps above, in an earlier post, and you created that file using DVDDecrypter – with the default settings – using the latest version – using ISO READ mode – then I know this is the true.

Then, the file is fine. It is “perfect.” It is CAPABLE of being burned, assuming all of the other steps are followed. Assuming you do not try to multi-task while you burn, assuming you do not try to burn too fast, assuming you use good media (Verbatim DVD+R dual layer), assuming you do a straight ISO READ when you burn, and assuming your PC can hande burning and your DVD burner is okay.

Hope this is clear.



I have been struggling with DVD9 (DVD+R DL) burning for several weeks. The problem I have, regardless of which media I use is the layer change freezing when played back on my Pioneer “stand-alone” player.

I’ve been using AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneCD, which seems to do a great job - as long as I play the disc in a computer.

I have tried the various suggestions from here and other places like DVD Decryptor and Roxio Media Center 7.5. Both “seem” to have fixed the problem with writing out the layers correctly - I can clearly see where the burn extends on Layer 0 and then comes back on Layer 1. The problem I’m having now is that none of the DVD+R DL discs burned this way “close” properly.

When you look at the disc, you can clearly see a gap at the inner area where the “TOC” would be written, but it’s not. A “correctly” burned disc has a gap of about half the size. The disc is not usable in a DVD player or in DVD Drive - even the one that burned it.

I’m using a Plextor PX-716SA drive with firmware 1.08.

Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is.

Can someone give a guy a clue?



Well, it appears my problem may be solved. I’ve found there may be a problem with the optics in my Plextor drive. I’ve changed the drive out in the computer, and now it appears that both Roxio and DVD Decrypter will now properly close the disc and allow playback in my Pioneer Stand-Alone player.



is there any chance to see where layer 1 switches to layer 2 ? erm like on what minute in movie…i just burned an .iso DL with NERO but i heard NERO has some problems with dual layers media ?


try using dvd decrypter to rip and burn your dvd if you’re having problems.


How were you creating DVD’s from ISO files with Nero? I didn’t know you could do that. Also does anyone know any software that allows you to create an ISO from a file already on your hard drive?


yes, ImgTool Classic does a great job at doing this. however, it probably won’t work too well with DVD9s (if that’s what you wanted it for).