DVD9 to DVD5 with max quality help me plz!



i got some new animes in my mail, i wanna backup them from dvd9 to dvd5 how can i do it keeping the best quality with menus and extras? i would like someone to aid me with a tutorial or the best software
i don’t mind taking long hours to do it, just wanna keep them with the maximum quality possible anyone helps?
wich software and options are the best?


Asked and answered thousand time.
Use a ripper (eg DVDDecrypter), backup to hdd and then run a transcoder like DVDShrink.
The software mentioned is FREE.
Could be that you have to struggle with some new copy-protections… then add AnyDVD.

BTW, welcome!


if you want the absolute best quality and time doesn’t matter then you don’t want to transcode at all. use an ENcoder like DVD-Rebuilder with one of the free encoders.

I can’t help you out in that area since I normally use transcoders, but at least now you have something to search and gather more info on.

anytime you encode rather than transcode your quality will be better. dvd shrink, clonedvd2, and most of the programs mentioned throughout this forum are transcoders and do a VERY good job, but if you’re adamant in getting it as good as you can get, re-encoding is the way to go.


i already used dvd decrypter to get the files on my hd, and did a rebuild with dvd rebuilder pro + cce, it took 9 hours but i didn’t feel it was the best since a dvd shrink transcode seemed better, maybe i made some option wrong is there a good tutorial about cce + dvd rebuilder pro for maximum quality?


www.videohelp.com has a great section for guides if you can’t find any relevant threads on this forum.


yeah but i want the opinion of a pro, how should i do how shouldn’t i do


by the way in videohelp there’s no big deal, they scarce on guides




Was Shrink [I]really[/I] better than rebuilder? Or was the amount of time the issue?

If you want ‘max quality’ keep the source intact and burn everything to DL media. If that option is neither available or viable, then as suggested read any of the guides and use whatever method will give you acceptable results.


i don’t have problems about the time, but shouldn’t cce + rb pro have more quality than dvd shrink?


i don’t care if they have tons of tutors, none suited me :slight_smile:


Hard to say. What is more destructive, merely removing ‘extra’ information or completely breaking down a frame and rebuilding it?

I’m of the mindset that neither is good for maintaining quality. I use Shrink or CloneDVD2 because the time/quality ratio is acceptable. That isn’t to say you can’t get acceptable or good results, just don’t expect great or excellent results.

What is the playback device these backups will be used with?


I think we’ve found the main problem here. :bigsmile:


[B] LOL !!! [/B] :iagree:


@ownage222: It’s not immediately clear how much more remote help we can give you on this question, since you clearly have your preferred standards and it may be that you need to do a bit more experimentation for yourself to make your own choice of methodology. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the guides on videohelp.com; there’s a lot of valuable distilled knowledge there which shouldn’t be dismissed.

Otherwise, as brokenbuga has suggested, get some +R DL media and you can back up in the ‘original quality’ without the dissatisfaction of extra compression.


AnyDVD with CloneDVD. See link, http://www.slysoft.com/en/. It lets you go into detail on exactly what you do and don’t want to copy in order to help preserve quality during compression.


gave up on encoding, i dunno have the time or patience for experimenting many methods, so i tried to split the dvd9 into two dvd5 keeping the menus, with dvd fab gold, however since i already decrypted the dvd into a folder, whenever i try to open up the folder dvd fab simply closes, what’s going on? :slight_smile:


Some programs can only use a physical DVD-Video disc or an ISO image. I don’t know DVD Fab but you could check what it will accept.


had to make an iso without compression with dvd shrink then he opened the iso file… but now while trying to split it, it closes again, i only find the files splitted in the temp menu… don’t tell me that’s the way the program works, cause then again it will take a lot of unecessary time for 2 dvd… :expressionless:


i’m not sure if you’re looking for help with dvd fab gold or if you’re open to other suggestions, but clonedvd2 will split the dvd while keeping menus (using the scissors function) that can be downlaoded from www.slysoft.com for a 21 day free trial.

i don’t know anything about dvd fab gold thogh so i can’t help you there