DVD9 to 2 DVD5 using CloneDVD, with "Insert Disc 2" Message

I found a tutorial showing how to use CloneDVD to split DVD9 discs to 2 DVD5’s. Looks like it will work great, but I was wondering if there will be an “insert Disc 2” screen at the end of Disc 1? Some people in my family can be confused easily.(that’s a polite way of saying it :bigsmile: ) So the “insert disc 1” message really is helpful. Intervideo DVD Copy 3 puts the message at the end of Disc 1, but DVD Copy 3 has problems with some “Episode” titles and some multiangle discs.(that’s why I’m looking at possibly trying out CloneDVD for splitting) If CloneDVD doesn’t put the msg at the end of disc1, is there an easy way for me to add it?


If you do a search, you will find a answer to this question… It has been answered before…

Searched for it before posting and didn’t find anything. Searched, after your post, for “Split disc” (yielded a lot of results about splitting, but not the insert disc question), “split disc screen”, “Insert Disc”, “insert disc screen” and couple others and haven’t found anything about the insert disc question. But since you’ve seen it answered, maybe you will know what to type to find it.:wink:

To make a long story short: As of now CloneDVD cannot add an “insert disc 1” or “insert disc 2” screen. Sorry.

Thanks for the info. Olli.

Just tried CloneDVD 2.x (as an experiment) because I cannot get my head around all the vob/ifo editing you need to do to do this manually. The only programs I found doing endless searches on google for such an episode-disc split were CloneDVD, DVDFab, and DVD Xcopy Pro (thought this was initially based, ‘nicked’, from puclic domain freeware?).

Tried DVDFab - this adds the insert disc 1/2 message at the end of the disc, not sure it can cope with 3 discs for putting 3 episode discs to 3 dvd5’s), but it has a major problem - it works by title(chapter?) order not episode order (not always right). I posted this query last week - finding it put ep1 and part of ep3 on disc1, and ep2 and 2nd part of ep 3 on disc 2 - useless.

CloneCD does work fine, but it does not add any message as mentioned - just pauses on a black screen for a while (probably can alter this with some freeware packages after CloneDVD does the main work, but you need to know what to do). In the end, splitting an uneven episode dvd to dvd5’s was better for me to split to three dvd5’s - they are only a backup as a test. Almost everything works afterwards, full menu’s with scene selection, but with a 3ep split to 2 dvd5’s, or 3 ep to 3 dvd5’s, the ‘full play’ does nothing (probably as expected) just the right episode selection for that disc or scene’s (be nice for the full button to have been amended to play what CloneDVD has rebuilt). Still, the holy-grail continues - it cannot be long now before the small changes needed in packages takes place.

This is strange! CloneDVD is designed, that a “full play” button should work and play exactly the episodes you have copied. Okay, CloneDVD is a pain to use sometimes (I’ll probably change that):
Depending on how the original was mastered you might need to include the title which is the “full play” of all episodes, and you might need to cut out the unneeded episodes with the chapter cutter.
Painful but not as bad as it sounds… :wink:

Hi ! Can anybody tell me how do I cut a DVD9 movie for 2 DVD5 DIsc ?



Put a DVD movie into your ripper drive.
Open CloneDVD
Click on help, you will get the user manual.
Read how to split a movie with the scissors feature.

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