DVD9 [PAL] vs. DVD5 NTSC Sound



I recently downloaded two DVDs of the same content and I noticed
that in the PAL version of the movie the sound is a little funny - people’s voices sound very childish, almost like the sound plays a little faster than the NTSC DVD.
What’s the reason for the funky sound and can it be fixed?


In the faint hope that these downloads were [B]legal[/B], I’ll try to answer your question. You are apparently playing the PAL dvd on an NTSC player that is supposed to have support for PAL format? PAL specifications for dvd-video require mpeg2 video codec at 25 frames per second. NTSC uses 29.97 frames per second. So your player is not really capable of playing the PAL dvd correctly, but is speeding up the video and audio streams.

To test this, try playing the PAL dvd in your computer. If you don’t have software for playing dvds on the computer, get VLC. www.videolan.org You’ll find that it plays back properly on the computer using VLC.

Trying to fix this is a waste of time and effort. Use the NTSC version in your stand alone player.


Would be my explanation too, your player hardware is the reason for this behaviour…