DVD9 or DVD5?



I recently downloaded DVDFAB Platinum in order to decrypt Flags of our Fathers and Open Season. After decrypting, I use DVD Shrink to burn onto a disc.

On the opening screen of DVDFAB platinum, there is a choice of DVD9 or DVD5. If I want to burn these movies onto a single layer disc, what should I set this at before decrypting, DVD9 or DVD5?

Your advice is appreciated.


DVD 9 is dual layer and DVD 5 is single layer.


Right, I get that, but am I setting this to what the original is or to what disc type I will be burning to.

If I am going to be burning to single-sided discs, should I leave it set at DVD5 or set it to DVD9?


Hi Hickpoppy
you set it to what type of dvd media you are using to copy your movie on. Not to the type of movie your ripping. o one more thing you can use DvDFab Platinum to burn your copy with out using shrink.


And it’ll be a whole lot faster using Platinum too. Average burn time on Plat. is about 5 minutes give or take. So I’d use that instead of Shrink.


Anyone have problems copying this movie?

I try to burn onto a DL using DVD9 and it stops about halfway through the 2nd stage/burn process. I’ve wasted 2 DVD DLs already.
I also have to copy it to HDD, close DVD Plat, reopen and do it from the temp folder to even get that far.

Any ideas?



Well don’t know if I had a problem backing it up or not, you did not say what the name of the movie is :confused:


Oops sorry. Flags of our Fathers.


What media are you using?
Try DVDFAb full movie> IMGBurn build iso >burn to DL disk, and use good media such as Verbatim DVD+R DL…IMO as well as others ,don’t use shrink or Fab to burn DL…
I backed up my Flags of Our fathers ,with this method successfully…


I copied this movie using FAB Platinum at DVD5 and got a good quality burn using Verbatim media


I used DVDFab Platinum, Main Movie (not full disc), burned at slowest rate, and the media used was Sony DVD+R DL.

I probably could copy it at DVD5 but copying even just the main movie would be 62% quality, and times like this is the whole reason I bought a pack of DL discs. :slight_smile:
Oh just in case anyone asks my DVD burner is a Sony DRU-810a.

3 discs down the tube now… :frowning:


At 62% quality I still bet that you couldn’t tell the differance between the copy and orignal disk, I have gone down as far as 53% and still gotten great quality burns


Hey Jim
Having good burners like you have helps :bigsmile:


Hey Tim LTNS :bigsmile: I think you are right on the burner thing as I get great burns with these pio’s


@ Metalogre,
There’s a reason why most here will recommend Verbatim DL or SL disks, they work…
And I agree with Jimbo regarding copy and original diff. at 62%. Having said that I personally use DVDRB for DVD-5 backups as it preserves the best quality output IMO…And I don’t care how long it takes to process… just my 2 cents again!!!


Hi Metalogre,

Sorry for your trouble. I don’t know how many sony DLs you have, but I agree with others…verb +R DLs are the way to go. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent burn out of “some” other brands, but on any burning forum, you’ll find a consensus re: the verbs.
BTW, I had no problem with this movie… bkup’d to a verb DL with Fab all the way.

Jimbo makes some excellent points, you can strip this flick down and get it to 69-70% for an SL disc.

[B]@t0nee1[/B], agree re: shrink; not sure why folks would try to utilize this for a DL burn anyway. It was developed as a transcoder with its primary purpose to “shrink”.

Disagree re: Fab 3. I’ve done many DL burns with dvdd, dvdd and Img and I agree with you, the results were excellent. My bkups were flawless. Fab 2.xxx had excellent video quality, but the LB was problematic…ranging from a glitch to major freezing and failed navigation of the disc.

With Fab 3 however, IMO, the quality is flawless here as well…start to finish. No disrespect to Img and LIGHTNING UK (he remains one of my heros) or shrink for that matter. Personally, I haven’t really seen much in the way of problems with DL burning that are attributable to a failure of Fab. IMO, most platinum users that burn to DLs, are able to do the whole process in Fab and have excellent results.
I realize that you don’t agree with me and that’s ok. I just figured I’d throw in my 2 cents as well… :wink:


@ Tom

You know me, always searching google. I have been looking at some reviews on upconverted signals, I have reviewed several DVD Players and one thing that continues to appear in many reviews is the way they handle LBs. Seems that the buffer size in the players has a lot to do with this function. I guess that explains the reason some players are so picky when playing DL back ups. I’m like you DVDFab does all I want with one click. If I have to run several programs and spend more time trying to get a better burn, I will just buy 2 copies of previously viewed DVDs.



@ maineman,
I think I’m going to do my next DL burn using FAB Platinum only, as I’m always eager to try diff. methods. The more tools the better eh? :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more…can’t have too many tools in the ol’ toolbox… :iagree:
Be interested in what you think…let us know.


Hi Mack,
Yeah, most of the time, google is my home page… :cool:
I think that’s accurate re: the LB. A few of us did a lot of experimenting with DLs, back in the days before and after portmac started to revisit the LB. We found that the greatest variability of the LB was player dependent; to a much lesser extent, burner dependent. I have no problems with Fab 3 DLs in 4 different dvd players (in my family) plus the 2 Liteon standalones. This speaks pretty well for Fab and DLs, at least IMO.